How to make fruit infused sea moss gel recipe

If you want to get the awesome taste of sea moss gel, making it with fruit infusion is an incredible way. You know sea moss gel is full of vitamins, and minerals. It is alkaline, and vegan so anybody (who is not in severe thyroid problem) goes through the taste of this gel, blended with any of your preferred fruit. The process how to make fruit infused sea moss gel recipe is so easy, only needs a few ingredients with a few process steps. This dried sea moss gel does not need any additional salt or sugar, even if it is gluten-free too. Let’s see the easiest way to make the sea moss gel infused with fresh or frozen fruits.

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Ingredients you will need to make fruit-infused sea moss gel:

Sea moss:

It is the first and foremost ingredient you will need to make this gel. Take the dry sea moss in a bowl, and clean all the visible dirt under the faucet. Dip the rinsed sea moss into the water to make it soaked sea moss.

Fresh fruits:

You can take organic fresh/frozen fruits at your convenience and preference. Usually, there is no difference between using both fresh and frozen food. If you can use fresh fruit, it is okay but if you are using frozen fruits, you need to thaw the frozen fruits first.

You can use strawberries to make strawberries-infused sea moss gel. You can use bananas to make banana-infused sea moss gel. In such a way, you can use oranges, mango, watermelon dates, apple, and most probably many fruits! I tried usually these, therefore mention only those fruits here.

Organic dates:

It is additional. I choose it because it works as a sweetener in the preparation. Besides this, dates also help to bring a natural and smooth consistency to the sea moss gel. You also can count this as a perfect natural sweetener instead of using any agave nectar for health benefits.

Alkaline water:

Did you throw away the water after cleaning the sea moss(before soaking it)? if not, then you can use this water also as alkaline water. Usually, sea moss found in the grocery shop is free of any debris and germ.

Therefore you can use this water as alkaline water to make the sea moss gel. Whatever, instead of using any artificial alkaline water, you can use the reserve water which you used to soak the sea moss.

How to make fruit infused sea moss gel recipe

Prepare The Sea moss:

It is the crucial stage, you need to follow it carefully! Ha ha ha not try to be over careful. However let’s clean the dry sea moss, and soaked these in water for at least 12-24 hours. Once you get the soaked sea moss, now let them blend well and make the gel. Let this gel keep aside for further use. This is raw sea moss gel. Still, now it needs to go through a further process.

Blends all ingredients all together in the blender

Already we told you that for frozen fruits you have to thaw them well before blending. Also, don’t forget to thaw the date as well. Thawing the dates needs a minimum of 30 minutes. However put all items (including the sea moss raw gel) in the blender, and blend them well. I suggest you use a high-powered blender so that you can get the smooth gel with minimum effort. Start the bender with a low speed, and gradually increase the speed. it will allow the gel to be more consistent. Add the alkaline water (to make the gel smooth) to start the blending process. Total blending time should not cross more than 3 minutes.

Transfer this gel into an airtight container

Once you have made this gel, now transfer it into the airtight container. sealed the container well. and keep it in the refrigerator. Wait for 2 to 3 hours, this gel will be thickened in the meanwhile.

Why do you need to try this Fruit Infused Sea Moss Gel?

  • The first reason is it brings a different taste to your smoothie, fruit salad, and chicken stew. Even you can eat this gel dipping over the bread as well. One or two spoons of this gel-I just love to eat as it is.
  • This sea moss is full of so many nutrients and minerals, you cant imagine. Almost 100 nutrients and minerals are present in this sea moss gel which all are beneficial to our bodies. Especially sea mosses are good for amino acids, iodine, Omega-3Fatty acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Minerals like sodium, Zinc, Iron, potassium, significant fatty acids, and so many others. It is full of antioxidants too.
  • Yes, you can count this moss as Vegan. It’s alkaline too!
  • No additional preservatives, sugar, or salt need to add to this gel. Naturally, all are included appropriately in this gel.
  • It is mucilaginous, therefore our stomach friendly too. It helps to nourish our stomach layer. Also sometimes helps to re-correct the mucus membranes as well.
  • Sea moss has other demandable benefits. It’s a probiotic. and helps our digestive system by regenerating the good bacteria in the stomach.
  • If you think about your skin, sea moss also could help you with its cosmetic effects. Yes, it could use as a face mask that fights against acne and age mark.
  • As it is a probiotic, helps the whole metabolism system, thus helps to weight loss too.


Can you mix sea moss gel with fruit?

Yes, you can. Sea moss gel is very pure and natural, you can add this with any mix of fruit salad, or fruit alone. The best use of sea moss gel is to use it while you are making a smoothie. One or two teaspoons of this gel will smoothen the smoothie to make you WOW!

How do you infuse sea moss flavor?

Just I need to blend my preference fruit until I get a consistent and smooth gel. Already I tried to make this gel using pineapple, mango, banana, strawberry, and apple! Each time I blended these fruits and then once again blend with the blended sea moss gel. As ripe fruits are naturally sweet, so I never used any additional sugar. Still, you can use honey/nectar/stevia/sugar to make the gel especially sweet for your kids.

How long does fruit-infused sea moss gel last?

In the refrigerator, it will last for a few weeks (2 to 3 ). But you could last this fruit-infused sea moss gel even for three months. For this, you have to keep it in the freezer. For further use, you can use your ice tray. where you can make the sea moss gel cube so that you can use these cubes in any smoothie preparation. Plus point is both the fresh and frozen fruit pair well with this fruit-infused gel.

How do you turn sea moss into gel?

Only I need water and a blender to turn the sea moss into a gel. At first, I cleaned the sea moss gel, and let them soak in water for around 24 hours. After then I keep this moss in a high-powered blender and add one cup (as far as I need) water into the moss. Slowly start the blending process. I need a total of 3 to 4 minutes to make a smooth and well-consistent sea moss gel. After blending, I keep this gel in an air-tight container. Finally, the container takes rests in the refrigerator for around 3 hours. So the gel comes in its format after this refrigeration time.


So many times I have been requested to write about this recipe, it’s just unbelievable. Thank God, finally, I could upload it here. so that How to make fruit infused sea moss gel recipe. You can eat this sea moss gel with any organic fruit as your preference. Just only precaution I want to include before completion of this article, please do not overdo it if you have a thyroid gland problem.

Good luck.

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