How to make candy grapes with jolly rancher recipe

Hey, again we come today with incredible candy snacks! Yes, this is jolly rancher grapes. Jolly rancher grapes are made with candy syrup. To make this candy you don’t need to use any blender or food processor. Only a candy thermometer is required as an additional device. Just imagine you are giving some rainbow-colored grapes to your kid’s hand! Just imagine how smiley would be his/her face! Jolly rancher grapes are nothing but coated with sugar syrup, You can go through these crack grapes on any occasion, (or not occasion as well!) it’s a sort of fun snack that can hit your kid’s class party too! However, let’s stop any more introduction and dive into know How to make candy grapes with the jolly rancher recipe.

crack grapes ingredients

How to make candy grapes with the jolly rancher recipe?

The process is so slow, and so simple just will take less than 30 minutes for you! To make this crunchy outsider with a joyful inner candy-you just need a few simple items.


  • Grapes (one cup)
  • Sugars (One Cup)
  • Light corn syrup(Half cup)
  • Water (one-third cup)
  • Classic candy flavors/ Vanilla extract (a few drops, to measure you also use one full teaspoon as well)
  • A candy thermometer

Any hard candy crash especially crushed jolly ranchers (as we are talking about the jolly rancher, so it is mandatory to use I think). The above measurement will give you approximately two cups of cracked grapes. If you want to make the amount larger, just double or triple all ingredients.


To make these delectable candied grapes, first, you have to take the fresh and dried grapes in a bowl. You can take any grapes. However, the flavor is not dependent on the grapes types. Usually, it depends on the additional flavor you aimed to add, and also on the crushed jolly ranchers flavor.

You must know that jolly rancher comes with different flavour like-

  • Cherry
  • Green Apple
  • Watermelon
  • Fruit Punch
  • Raspberry
  • Grapes
  • There also come in other varieties like cinnamon, smoothie, tangy and sour.

As now you have all the ingredients in your hand to make the grapes jolly rancher candied, now let’s dive to make the candied grapes quickly.

Prepare the grapes:

Already I told that to select some fresh and dried grapes to make these candies. Make sure those grapes are properly cleaned, and there is no added moisture on the grape skin. Now take some toothpicks. Insert one toothpick directly into the center of one grape. Complete the whole toothpick inserting, and set those aside for future use.

Make the Syrup:

You can make it on your cooking pan if it is high-bottomed. Because when this mixture boil, additional foam or bubble may form, which can split on your hand or surround the stove to make further hassle. Add corn syrup, water, and sugar (pa inch of cinnamon is additional, it gives a different taste) to the cooking pan. Start cooking, never stop stirring, it will clog the corn syrup. Cooks for 5 minutes and reaches a temperature of up to 300F. Use one candy thermometer. Measure the syrup temperature is 300F. Now add the flavor upon stirring(vanilla or other of your preference). Let’s stop the stove.

Makes the Grapes Coated:

Take one grape, and hold at the excess toothpick portion. Now dip the grape into the sugar syrup. Be careful not to touch the hot syrup, it will burn your hand. Also, be careful if there is any surrounding split, use hand gloves or a thick kitchen towel to drizzle it off. However, dip all grapes one by one. You have to complete this coating process quickly but carefully. As after a while the syrup will be cool and will be hard, you cannot use this furthermore for grape coating purposes.

Add crushed jolly ranchers:

Now take the sugar-coated grapes on a baking sheet. Roll on them using crushed candy. You also can sprinkle the crushed jolly ranchers from up and can move the grape(holding on to the toothpick option). So that these could evenly get in touch everywhere on your candy grapes. Let the candied grapes set. After a few minutes, these will cool, and all surrounding ingredients will be sealed on the grape skin.

Storing details of jolly rancher grapes

So you have made the candied grape using jolly ranchers! Suppose you have a lot more than you need. What you can do with these excess or leftover candied grapes? Serving the neighbors? It is always not might be coming in your favor! However, you can store these cracked grapes for a maximum of up to 3 to 4 days. But for this, you have to keep those in an airtight container and keep the container in the fridge.

How to serve jolly rancher candied grapes?

My question is when to serve jolly rancher candied grapes. Usually, do you think you need any occasion to make this candy for yourself or for your kids? I don’t think so! But yes, you should not miss some occasion with these incredible crack grapes. Like, your child’s class party, or birthday party. Even for Christmas food decorations, ester Sunday, good Friday this candy is a must. Even one of my colleagues the last week brings this candy on a thank-giving program for her good reputation in the workplace. You also can take this candy for your family picnic too. Just do not forget to wrap this candy if you want to transfer them from your home to outer!

How do you melt Jolly Ranchers for candy grapes?

Not all peoples like the crunchy jolly candy. Especially they want a variation in crush candy. However, to melt the jolly ranchers covering the grapes, you can directly microwave them for 30 seconds. But if you want to keep the inside fruit fresh and juicy, you have alternatives too. At first take the jolly ranchers on a silicone mold. Now keep the mold inside the oven, cook for 30 seconds. See the ranchers are melted after 30 seconds. Now remove the mold from the oven carefully. Again be careful and dip the fruit into this melted jolly rancher by holding on to the toothpick portion. Do it one by one. After completion of all fruits/grapes coating, let them aside or directly fridge them to set.


How do you make grapes taste like Jolly Ranchers?

I often cut up all the grapes lengthwise. Make two equal parts from one grape. After then I gently squeeze all those grape pieces using lime juice. And converting those lime-squeezed grapes with candy syrup-make my task. I made them hard candy, just need to double or triple the sugar coating of those green grapes.

How do you cover grapes with Jolly Ranchers?

Just elaborately described in the main season. However, dip the grapes into the vanilla-added sugar mix. Do it one by one and do it by holding the toothpick portion)that was inserted into the grape center). After done, keep all the sugar-coated grapes on a baking sheet. Cover those now with crushed rancher crumbs.


Fine, That is all about How to make candy grapes with jolly rancher recipe. All these candy you have made, just taste one of them. How does you are feeling? Crunchy outsider with a juicy inner on each bite? Yes, that is how the jolly rancher candied grapes made. Both the crushed jolly rancher and the addictive corn sugar coating gives this candy a crunchy coating. Inside of this coating, juicily grapes are waiting for your bite!

Good luck!

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