How to make the Chavela recipe

Lets discover the beer in more then a traditional way! I am talking about the Mexican Chavela, Cerveza Preparada. Mexican people also called it is Mexican Bloody Mary. Usually, it’s a beer-based drink, originating dated in the 1940s in Mexico. However, our main concern today is how to make a Chavela recipe! The good news is, though it’s a cocktail of beer with other items, you will not believe it unless you read the full recipe. It is the easiest recipe ever I know to make any cocktail! This Mexican Cerveza Preparada; you must know it is the classic version of the red beer or the prepared beer of Mexico. So what I wanted to say, is it is super easy to make. The taste is also flavorful, and makes people WOW at the first lip touch! At your next sunny party near the sea beach, blessed your friends with lots of your fun, and make them happy with this cool cocktail instead of other cold beverages!

chavela mix recipe

What does Chelada mean in Spanish?

Interestingly Chelada is not a gentle word! Yes, it’s a slang word that means “My Cold Beer”. Usually, it’s a beer cocktail made using several ingredients like tomato juice, seasoning, lime juice, hot sauce, and light beer. The taste of this prepared beer is almost near the bloody merry. It has lime, it is a little tangy, thicker in taste, flavorful and colorful. Upon the addition of an ice cube, it replaces any best cold beverage available in your freezer. People often says why lime needs to add to this drink. interestingly no other ingredients arises such questions strangely! The reason is, it masks the skunky beer taste, and removes any germs from the glass rim. Whatever a lime wedges or a lime slice are the first and foremost ingredients to put inside this Mexican beer glass!

How to make Chavela recipe

Though it’s a traditional version of the Mexican bloody mary, lots of ways to make this. But I follow my way to make it. It’s not standard, but it delights my guest’s moods always. It’s a sort of prank twist-like you can use only beer instead of liquor.

Ingredients you will need:

  • Any kind of beer (especially any Mexican Beer like Dos Equis)
  • clamato juice
  • tomato base juice hot sauce
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Lime Juice
  • Any Hot Sauce
  • lemon wedge (to garnish the rim of the glass)
  • Garnish sriracha salt
  • Tequila (Additional)
  • Ice Cube


First, prepare the glass rim to decorate this drink. Take a plate, and spread the salt or seasoning over there. Take the lemon slices or wedges, rub the glass rim using those lemon pieces, and then keep it aside for further garnishing. Now sprinkle your wet glass rim using the salt. Now the crucial stage, fill the glass with an ice cube, lime juice, tomato sauce, and all the other ingredients I said above. Next, add beer to fill up the glass. Mix well by continuous stirring. Put the lemon wedges over the filled glass. Additionally, you can add Tequila to bring a different taste. Garnish this drink with a lemon wedge around the rim, or you also can add your favorite garnishing item to this Mexican Bloody Merry.

How to serve this Red Beer Cocktail?

Chavela is an amazing drink that is light but very refreshing. With a Tequila shot, it becomes perfect to chill on a sunny day with your friend or colleagues. Whether with the Tequila shot or its own-this beer-based beverage when mixed with a lime wedge, and other calm juice makes the hot summer very delicious and chill. However, it’s sort of an effervescence lager full of flavor and other ingredients that can easily pair with any Mexican meal. Whether for supper or at late night dinner party-you can count it a Viable Brunch Cocktail option. Chavela especially goes well with seasoned seafood. Like steamed shrimp, ceviche, and fish crab. Or a mix of all steamed seafood, Shrimp cocktail, any roasted items, or roasted pork meat also can pair it with well.

How is Chavela Different from Michelada?

Though both are near to each other. Still, there are some differences between these two. Both are light beer cocktails, made through the upgradation (my term) of the red beer! So what makes this Mexican bloody mary so popular over the Michelada? Here see the details, please-

  • Chavela is very simple to make. Fewer ingredients need to prepare compared with Michelada. Chavela does not use Worcestershire sauce.
  • Chavela uses lemon juice, and tomato juice to make itself. Michelada does not use tomato juice.
  • Chavela is usually prepared with Cerveza Clara, whereas Michelada is combined with Cerveza oscura. Therefore Chavela is more commonly a golden, sunset color. And Michelada is more likely an amber and dark color.
  • Chavela is easily paired with Tequila (Though additional, Blanco or reposado works great). but Michelada does not use any fresh or old aged Tequila.


How do you make the best Chavela?

I collect all the fresh items except the beer. Fresh lemon juice, tomato juice, etc. I usually prefer light beer. I do not like to fill with alcohol, hence I am not an alcohol guy! But the lighter beer makes me delighted usually when it is turned into Chavela. However, firstly I take the lemon wedge around the rim. Then sprinkle salt over the glass rim. Then I took all the ingredients (lemon juice, tomato juice, ice cube, beer, hot sauce) into the glass and make a good mixture by stirring well. Sometimes I prefer Tequila in a separate slot glass. Both pair well with any Mexican heavy meal.

What kind of beer I can use to make Chavela?

Actually, whatever beer is available in your hand, you can go through it to make the Chavela. When you are empty of beer, buy any Mexican beer like Dos Equis. Usually, it is your preference how you want to make this drink. Though I have given here all the count, you can make it how your taste bud feels to taste.

What’s the difference between a Michelada and a Chavela?

The main difference is the tomato juice. Classic Michelada does not need using of this juice but Chavela needs it. The second difference is, Chavela uses Cerveza Clara but Michelada uses Cerveza oscura. And Chavela almost gives a sunset color but Classic Michelada is amber color.


Let’s pull the finishing line by telling two important notes here. The first one is never cross more than 9-10 Oz of beer. This is just perfect for Chavela, more than this measurement, you will be unfit! Again, you can add tequila to the Chavela. Or you also can take it on a slot glass. I like Chavela not only due to its awesome taste. Moreover, it has an extinct color and flavor, which make me romantic when I drink it with my mate! So, this is all about How to make the Chavela recipe. If you are first ever making this drink, just follow what I have written here, believe me it will make you WOW finally! Really its a WOW drink, traditional version which sounds delicious, looks delicious too. It is incredible to make the mood a big WOW!

Good luck!

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