How to keep hot chocolate warm outside

Winter season is knocking at your door! You are little far to being cold with the winter hit! So, did you think how to prevent the winter hit? What could be better like a cup of hot chocolate in the cold weather? Yes, absolutely! Nothing could stop you to become warm even in the cold winter, especially if you have hot chocolate and if you know how to keep hot chocolate warm outside for a longer time! But what to do if your chocolate starts to become cold outside? You cannot enjoy it anymore at that time! Lets me tell you some superb tips on keeping hot chocolate warm so that you can drink warm and be warm! Let’s start-

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How to keep hot chocolate warm outside

Several options are there to keep hot chocolate warm outside. Like we did in our childhood, keep the hot chocolate shake bottle under the blanket for a long time so that it could stay warm a long time. Our grandmother also did the same in the winter, she kept the hot water bag under the blanket so that it could remain hot for a long time. Thus she had gotten rid of her knee joint pain. Time has changed now. Now we don’t have to do much more to keep anything hot or cold. As technology upgraded a lot, we become upgraded as well! We know now several means to do our staffs. So let’s come to the point, the way of keeping hot chocolate warm outside. Even though we serve hot chocolate, (whether in the winter or hot summer), serving hot chocolate rarely keeps hot at its outside. This is because it gets with the contacts of external surrounding moisture, which makes it cold and to be hard. Drink the hot chocolate as quickly you can! It is the most horrible but useful tricks I think! Ha ha…Don’t panic, just scroll down and gets all the incredible means to keep the chocolate warm outside.

Using Thermos

If you want to keep it hot for a longer time, there is no option but using of a thermos (i.e. a flask). A thermos can keep your hot chocolate, coffee, and even tea hot for a couple of hours. Especially travelers like this type of thermos in their backpacks. Using a Stainless Steel Double-Walled Thermos is one of the perfect tiny gadgets to keep your drink warm on a chilly day. Thermos has vacuum sealed and can retain the internal heat for a max of 6 hours. Compared with normal thermos they are unbeatable cause they are made of stainless steel. They could give you extra time to keep hot chocolate warm for longer. Plus point is, you can use the thermos in your home to keep your water hot/homemade hot chocolate too. Even if it can be preheated, can serve you the best. As the most upgraded gadget, the thermos coffee carafe also is available. Thermos coffee carafe comes with a coffee filter. Interestingly this sort of thermos is one in all and can keep your chocolate, tea, and coffee warm longer compared with others.

Using of Styrofoam cups

Your third option could be using Styrofoam cups. These amazing cups can retain internal heat for approximately an hour. As it also becomes hot when you long time hold this cup, therefore be careful to use it outside. Cause, it also can burn your hand. So you may need to change the cup if really you need hot chocolate outside for an hour. Instead of taking a hot chocolate cup or thermos with you, you can drink hot chocolate at an outside chocolate shop. Adding another topping like, crushed nut, whipped cream, and cocoa powder moreover make this hot and sweet beverage delicious too.

Using Crockpot

You have another option to use a crockpot. In chilly weather, a crockpot easily can keep hot chocolate warm for even up to 3 days. It’s an awesome kitchen top, you can determine how warm your chocolate you want from here. The only problem with this awesome kitchen gadget is, you cant easily pour the hot chocolate from the crockpot into a mug or cup. However, the good thing about a crockpot is you can set the temperature as per your wish. the preliminary standard temperature, max people prefer to set here is 190F. It’s the standard temperature to keep hot chocolate drinkable for all. You can increase the set temperature, but the problem is it will spoil the chocolate, will make it bitter also will burn your lips and mouth.

Coffee Dispenser with a Pump

A Coffee Dispenser with a Pump can make your challenging tough easy and simple. Yes, I am talking about keeping the hot chocolate warm outside during winter. The insulated compartments of this pretty device could help the user to keep their beverage hot up to 8 hours.

Preheat your Chocolate mug before use it

If you are intending to visit your neighborhood with a chocolate mug in your hand, you can preheat the mug and try not to touch the mug surround except the handle. It will help to drink hot chocolate for a long time than normal. For better results try to cover the mug with a lid.

Use a layer of Marshmallows

Both for the adults and the kids, adding a Marshmallows layer on the hot chocolate, and coffee is a handful treat. But there is another reason why I am suggesting adding this marshmallow to your hot chocolate. In summary, when you add a Marshmallows topping to your hot chocolate, it will keep your chocolate warm for more than one hour.

Use Insulated Server For Hot And Cold Beverages

When you wrap your chocolate mug using an insulated server, it can give you peace ensuring that, yes, your hot beverage gonna hot for more hours. Not only hot beverages, but even in the hot summer, you can use this insulated server to keep cold the inner side beverage. Compared with an open chocolate dispenser, it can longer the warm time easily.

However, see the below image which we have taken from Thought it would be helpful for you to choose the particular item by which you can extend the duration of the warmth of your hot cocoa or chocolate outsider. The amount is also written here, which is an additional convenience.

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How do you keep hot chocolate hot for a crowd?

Several ways to keep hot chocolate hot for a crowd. You can use a device, like a crockpot, thermos, or electric coffee dispenser. Even you also can use an igloo cooler, a Styrofoam cup, or a preheated chocolate mug with a lid. And some of your own creative techniques must be there!

How long can hot chocolate sit out?

In the fridge, it is no longer Then two Hours. It is safe and recommended. However you can keep it for almost 3 to 4 days in your fridge, but it is optional!

How do you keep drinks warm for a party?

Unless you are using a larger electric coffee maker, even though you don’t have any other electric device to keep your chocolate warm for your party, we suggest you to use insulator. Yes, an insulated container comes to your help to keep drinks warm for a party. Using a slow cooker to make the chocolate drinks also could be fantastic! Slow cooker is awesome to whip up larger batch. And also to keep the chocolate beverage warmer at the whole party.


Now you know so much as you have come at the end of this article. That means you have finished to read-How to keep hot chocolate warm outside. Its our great pleasure that you have spent a few minutes here. So the summary is- you can keep your hot chocolate warm outside by various means. We already discuss some manual ways. Also told them about the devices. The fact is where are you trying to keep your chocolate warm outside, if it is outside, choose a Crockpot or a Double SS Thermos. It will help you to do your task even for more than 6 hours. If it is in a party, you can use a large electric coffee dispense. Or an insulated container also could help you. Moving around with a chocolate mug, limit it only to your neighborhood home. If you are intending to visit anybody far from your home, or if you are in a shopping mall-do not hesitate to drink an instantly prepared hot chocolate in the chocolate or coffee shop.

Good luck.

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