How many carbs does bacon have

Bacon is a versatile pig belly meat. It is processed through salt-cured, it is smoked and it gives an unbeatable taste of pork. Furthermore, as salt, sugar, and other spices are added to bacon -all these items make it unique and awesome meat. Though this awesome meat is made from pork belly, where fat is stacked line by line-when bacon is cooked, and all fat melt and drains when they keep on a paper towel. Yes, a few nitrites & Nitrates might add before it reaches the grocery shop so that it got an additional shelf life for consumption. Bacon is a low-carb diet. Bacon is keto-friendly, you can make tons of keto bacon recipes when you are going through a keto diet!

Consuming bacon also provides you with a saturated fat intake which also helps. However, let’s stop the ado and read how many carbs bacon have! So that you can count your total diet calories easily in a healthy way-

how many carbs does bacon have

How many carbs does bacon have?

According to the USDA, report-Bacon contains exactly 0.6 grams of carbs. Other nutrition facts of bacon is-it that is sugarless (usually) with 161g calories and 12g protein. Bacon also contains 0.6g carbs and 0-gram fibers. Per serving (per 3 slices, 34.5-gram net weight) it also will provide you with 12g of fat. We made this calculation by counting 3 bacon slices. It also needs to mention here, as bacon is processed food so you will get sodium (579mg) and fat (12gram) from it. Usually, bacon is sugarless, it is salty. But some companies add additional brown sugar, or sugar content to it to make it more flavor with a tangy or sweet test. You will also get maple bacon (maple syrup or maple extracts) in the nearby grocery shop.

You might know already the Dietary Guideline for Americans (in the year 2020 to 2025) sets a limit for the saturated fat on your daily diet. It is supposed to be within the range of 10 % of the total calorie intake per day. Therefore, if you take 3000 calories per day, you can take 250 of saturated fat from those 300 calories. So, per serving of bacon, it may challenge to supply that fat! Bacon is rich in protein. Per serving this amount is 12 grams! As 10%-35% of your daily calories are supposed to come from any protein source, that means per day it is near about 46-56. So, you can count bacon on your daily meal to meet the protein demand you need for your whole calories.

If we talk about other vitamins and minerals from bacon, potassium is stay 172mg in its one serving. For one person minimum of 2,600-3,400mg of potassium is a must. So, it’s a public concern because bacon is too less to provide enough potassium to any adult. If you do not get enough potassium, it may cause some significant physical problems like high BP, Kidney stone formation, calcium deficiency in the bone, heart dysfunction, irregular muscle construction, and so many others.

Bacon is a good source of vitamin B. you can count on this item as it can provide you with Vitamin B1 Vitamin B6, and B12. Other minerals like selenium (17micrograms) also are available in bacon. Bacon also gives 134Micrograms of Phosphorus on its per serving. So, one thing I should include here, selenium is an important ingredient needed for Thyroid Gland action. On the other hand, phosphorus can boost your energy and make your bone healthy a much! Lastly, only 3 slices of bacon easily can count 161 calories! (Combining saturated fat, carbs, and protein).

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Variety Of Bacon

Several types of Bacon are available in the grocery shop. You can try as per your most preferable one for all available plant-based variations-

  • Thick Pork Bacon
  • Thin Pork Bacon
  • Flavor Pork Bacon
  • Maple Pork Bacon
  • Double-Smoked Bacon
  • Thick-Cut Bacon
  • Low-Sodium Bacon
  • Unsmoked Bacon
  • Sweet Pork Bacon
  • Turkey Normal Bacon
  • Sweet Turkey Bacon
  • Turkey Flavored Bacon

The good things and bad things from Bacon

As we are here to discuss the vitamin and minerals contained in bacon, let’s discuss the positive and negative matter present in the bacon.

Health benefits of Bacon

Perfect for keto diet plan: As bacon is full of protein, and low in carbs therefore you can easily count this meat for your keto diet plan. Even though it already become a popular choice for keto dieters. Interestingly when you roasted this item, extra fat just melts down and drained out onto the kitchen tissue you used to keep your hot bacon on over which.

Boost Body Energy: Bacon has phosphorus, which boosts the body’s energy and makes the body bone healthy a much. Besides this, bacon also has lots of different vitamin B-which gives good brain action. Not only bacon can meet your vitamin B deficiency, but by the side with it also boost your energy action too.

Heart-Healthy: Already you know bacon has a good amount of saturated fatty acid. Fortunately, all these fats are monosaturated. Monosaturated fats are heart-healthy because it has Oleic Acid. Therefore, it also boosts satiety and delivers energy.

Enhance Vitamin D Absorption: Calories comes from fat, which slightly can increase the absorption of vitamin D. Vitamin D is an important vitamin for calcium absorption. So if you take your meal with bacon, it will provide you calories from its fat. Ultimately this will increase your vitamin D and calcium absorption.

Provide sodium, phosphorus, and selenium: It also provides essential amino acids which produce proteins inside our body. However, a significant amount of sodium, phosphorus, and selenium is present in the bacon, which also helps to enhance our body mechanisms.

The problem may come from Bacon:

Some physical problems also may come from Pork Bacon especially if you have allergies to pork meat. This allergy is uncommon! Still, it may appear. Patients having AGS allergies (that is alpha-gal syndrome), specifically suffered from bacon meat allergy. AGS is not any as usual allergies, it may be potential, and may fall your life at risk too! Besides Hives, Rashes, Stomach Cramps, Sneezing, Headaches, Running Nose, Nausea, Diarrohea, and Vomiting, in severe cases, AGS can lead to anaphylaxis too. However, pork bacon is also processed food with some preservatives like Nitrites and Nitrates. These two items rarely also can lead to an allergic action.

In late pregnancy, Nitrates and Nitrites also can trouble by creating nausea and vomiting. Because in later pregnancy methemoglobin is formats in the blood which may interact with these preservatives to cause such troubles. Besides these, if you are taking an antidepressant (MAOI-Mono Amino Oxidase Inhibitors) you are supposed to limit your bacon absorption. Overeating Bacon also could increase your blood pressure and Malignant hypertension.


How many net carbs are in 3 slices of bacon?

Approximately 0.6 grams of net carbs are present in 3 slices of bacon.  Per serving of bacon, it also provides a good amount of protein, calories, fat, vitamin B, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, etc. bacon is high in protein and fat, but lower in carbs.

Is bacon OK for Keto?

Generally, people get scared to add bacon to their keto diet plan. Nut interestingly, as bacon are lower in carbs, and high in protein easily it could add to a keto diet plan too. You can eat bacon for your evening snacks, even on the dinner side with other meals too. Bacon perfectly suits a keto diet plan.

How many net carbs are in bacon?

As 3 slices of cooked bacon contain approximately 0.6gram net carbs, therefore 1 slice of bacon will deliver approximately 0.2 grams of net carbs. Another Plus point is, bacon neither contains such fiber nor other ingredients that can impacts/influence the net carbs on your total meal.

Is bacon high in carbs?

No! Not at all. Both the Pork Bacon and the Turkey Bacon is low in carbs. But you will get a good amount of protein, vitamins, and other minerals with saturated fat from the bacon. Bacon also rarely contains any sugar. It’s just an awesome source of amino acids, which further break down to make the necessary amount of protein inside your body.

How to prepare Bacon?

You can use a frying pan, microwave even an air fryer to cook the bacon. Simply fry the bacon and keep them on the kitchen tissue. Before serving, add seasoning over the bacon and fresh salad as a side dish. Eggs, roasted potato, Burgers, steamed rice, steamed vegetables-many things can get the bacon garnish before serving.


Let’s finish by saying the store details of Bacon. If you want to store bacon for 7 days-keep them unopened in the fridge. Still, you can store this meat even for 3 to 4 months when you store those unopened in the freezer. To store the leftover, keep them frozen for 3 to 4 days. So, what is the safe temperature to cook bacon? It is uncertain, but you can cook it your way. Cook these to become crispy and all the fat melted. So that’s all on- how many carbs does bacon have! Please share your opinion if I left any lacking here.

Good luck!

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