What goes with french toast

French toast is so versatile and so yummy, perfectly goes with any dish. Dish like sweet, savory, or sour mango pickles-every item is awesome with french toast! Whatever you want to, can add with white/french/sourdough! Believe me, it will make perfect dishes only within 30 minutes. Sometimes it will take less than 30 minutes to make buttery and sweet french toast. And for a classic breakfast meal, we suggest it paired with other main dishes as per your taste. However, you already know french toast is a regular classic breakfast meal for many homes. But every morning, when you think about what to add to the french toast, I am here to solve your puzzle regarding what goes with french toast. Below here we will describe some awesome dishes you could serve with the french toast. All these dishes obviously will be loved by your family, even by your pet (sometimes) too! So let’s read in-depth-

french toast recipe easy

What to Serve with French Toast:


Who are here to say no to bacon in the morning? No one is supposed to! Bacon also could enlighten the stack of french toast easily. Personally, I like a few thin but crispy bacon on the side of the french toast. If you wish, can add thick and chewy bacon as well. Just serve the bacon on top of the french toast.

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Drizzling a sweet syrup on the buttery french toast, make the morning yummy and sweet! Lots of syrup recipes are available, you can try any one of them. Maple syrup, chocolate syrup, honey, sugar syrup, butternut condensed milk anything can drizzle over the toast to make it more delicious and classy.

Scrambled Eggs

Just dress the french toast with scrambled eggs. To make the scramble more fluffy, whisk it with milk cinnamon powder. Do not forget to serve the toast top with sauce and cheese. It will give you a sweet, creamy, and savory feel on your every bite.

Fresh Fruits

It’s the most healthy dish you can go through with your french toast. You can go with a topping of melon, orange, apple, and banana slices. Or you also can go with berry mix too! Adding strawberry yogurt or maple syrup will make your day. For extra healthy recipes, you can add fresh fruit salad, and orange juice too.

Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon also enrich your morning meal in a healthy way! Just sprinkle some seafood seasoning on the salmon fish. Roast it in a frying pan for a long time at a low temperature. Serve it as a side dish of french toast.

Sausage Links

Make your breakfast meal a tasty combo with some awesome savory sausage links. Whether in the frying pan or in the air fryer just roast the sausage links and serve on the side of the french toast stack. To make your breakfast meal heavier, pair scrambled eggs, sausage links, and a stack of french toast side by side.

Grilled Peaches

Grilled peaches also go superb with the french toast! In the peach season, it is unbeatable to add freshly grilled peach to your breakfast meal. These peaches add a tangy and sweet flavor to the french toast. You must know, fresh peaches are full of lots of vitamins (A and C are the most common). However, add caramelized or grilled peach on top of the french toast.

My French Toast Breakfast

You can serve french toast breakfast in a few means. If you are like me, must be never feel hesitate to make a hearty breakfast spraying chocolate syrup or maple syrup over the toast and spreading whipped cream too. Some almond butter also can take place of the whipped cream when I feel like eating differently. However, If you are on diet, think twice to add whipped cream over your toasty breakfast meal! This delicious breakfast will increase your body weight!!

Item You Can Choose To Serve with French Toast

My taste buds work amazing! especially with the french toast-it just runs on an extreme level! whether the nutty flavor or cheesy scrambled eggs added over the toast and just a few spoonfuls of grilled peaches-upps it’s just become an awesome french toast meal for me. You can serve orange juice, fresh fruits (especially fresh strawberries or other fresh berries), fresh fruit salad, fluffy scrambled eggs, caramelized bananas, carrot juice, cheesy eggs, apple juice, sliced bananas, favorite ice cream, fresh peaches, egg mixture, and so many others.

Serving any dish usually depends on your choice. You can customize any recipes as your wish. suppose I like to add ground cinnamon and brown powdered sugar when I eat my favorite ice cream with granola-crusted toast. Any sweet fruits with your french toast also can gift you a sweet morning. Add some orange Julius recipe as a side dishes-it will treat like a satisfying breakfast for you. When it needs to make your classic meal a little bit heavy, add salty sausage with your french toast sides.

You can set your own menu. Just make a balanced diet. As french toast is usually listed in the breakfast meal, therefore try to add some fresh fruit, fresh fruit juice, one glass of milk, and one egg ( cheesy egg/scrambled egg/egg mixture whatever!). If you take want to take french toast for your evening snacks, make it cheesy with swiss cheese! It will combine perfectly with the bitter taste of your hot coffee. Peanut butter frosting is also you can add to your french toast in the evening snacks, just a few spoonfuls of brown powdered sugar added over the frosting will make it restaurant-style french toast sticks.

Best Bread for french toast

Only a slice of bread cannot make your classy french toast! As lots of bread are available nowadays-

  • White Bread
  • Brioche Bread
  • Banana Bread
  • French Bread
  • Sourdough Bread
  • Potato Bread
  • Challah Bread
  • Texas Toast
  • Country Loaf
  • Croissant
  • Raisin Bread
  • French Baguette

Best French Toast Recipes

Banana French Toast

You can use directly banana french toast, serving with honey or maple syrup. Or you can also add caramelized banana on top of the french toast to make it delicious.

Sourdough French Toast

Use sourdough bread to make sourdough french toast. Whisk two eggs, cinnamon powder, and liquid milk. Deep the sourdough bread into this mixture, then cooked them in a preheated oven or a frying pan just for two minutes. Cook on both sides. After then, add your favorite berries crushed with honey on top of this toast.


What foods go well with toast?

Usually, french toast serves as a breakfast meal. therefore to make it well-balanced in your morning, you can add steamed beans, scrambled eggs, liquid milk, egg sauce, fresh fruit juice, hot coffee, etc. Any sweet snacks, fresh fruits, buttery nuts, roasted sausage, everything goes well with french toast on the morning meal.

Is it OK to have French toast for dinner?

French toast is basically a simple meal that only can beat the morning meal. However, if you want to eat it for your dinner, you have to add another heavy meal as the main dish with your toast.

Which are healthier pancakes or French toast?

Pancakes are healthier. As it contains only fewer saturated fats (less than 78%). it does not have any trans fats. and it contains nearly 200 to 400 calories per serving.


If you ask What goes with french toast, there are lots of options! French toast leaves a broader scope to pair with many food items easily in a good way. So that’s all for today, enjoy your breakfast with this tummy friendly with your favorite item!

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