Are crab legs keto

Before exploring more keto facts about crab legs, I wanna tell you a few healthy facts about crab legs. Crab legs are a fantastic protein and fat source, and also low in calories. So it’s a nice and rare keto combination for people who are on the keto diet! How wonderful it is, isn’t it? So now let’s come to the main point-are crab legs keto or not? Hopefully, you are waiting to know it eagerly. The answer is yes. Crabs contain ketogenic legs too. Wanna know more? just stay with us and enjoy our today’s session on Are crab legs ketogenic diet or not- Let’s start

Are crab legs keto

Are Crab Legs Ketogenic Diet?

Yes like all seafood (exclude the oyster and octopus ) crab also ketogenic diet. This seafood contains zero carbs therefore you can list this on your keto diet plan easily. Crab legs are not only good for your keto diet, but rather they also provide potential benefits to losing your extra body weight. It also helps to control your blood sugar level.

Crab legs are low carb but healthy fat diet, which can help your health condition if you are suffering from certain cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, and so on. However strong research still is needed to prove all facts. But still, it is true, that crab legs are ketogenic and helps a lot in different health condition.

Are snow crab legs good for keto?

Yes, it is. Snow crab legs contain zero carbs but high protein (per hundred gram serving almost 23.7 g of protein). It is also free of any sugar or additional excipients. It is processed in a healthy manner so good for the diet.

You can easily make any dishes using snow crab legs/frozen snow crab legs. Take steamed vegetables like zucchini, and broccoli. Add this steamed veggie with steamed snow crab legs, and add a pinch of Cajun seasoning with melted ghee or butter. To make it a high protein source, add sausage with garlic cloves. Do not forget to add lemon cut, as it helps a lot on your keto diet.

To cook frozen snow crab legs, we suggest keeping them in the cold or running water for half an hour. Before baking, preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

What to serve with ketogenic crab legs

Lots of items are available, you can go through with the ketogenic crab legs. Roasted potatoes, roasted veggies, mixed salad, steamed brown rice, Mexican hot rice, pumpkin soup, chicken stew/soup, coleslaw, and so many others. However, let’s see what we can eat as side dishes or main dishes with ketogenic crab legs-


Potato is a vital carbohydrate source that can eat by any means. Whether baked, steamed, mashed, or roasted-lots of ways you can prepare the potato to eat with the ketogenic crab legs. As it is high in carbs therefore you have to calculate the total carb and calories if you are on a keto diet.


Whether roasted baby corn or corn on the cob-all are nicely paired with crab legs on your keto diet. you can add mozzarella cheese or heavy cream to the corn cob especially if you are on a diet interval one day a week.


Do not bound the Coleslaw only for bbq dishes. This cabbage-made item also can go well with crab legs as the main dishes too. Especially king crab legs or whole king crab (steamed) can serve with coleslaw in your family dinner happily.

Bread (cornbread especially)

Crab leg roasted with mixed veggie, olive oil, and sausage could also serve with cornbread or other bread in the supper. You can use crab meat also with other meat to make it heavy for your supper. As crab meat is full of healthy fats-so you don’t have to bother gaining your body weight when you are on the keto diet.

Steamed artichokes

We suggest it to eat as a side dish with king crab legs. Steamed artichokes have softened petals. It goes well with the roasted king crab with melted butter.

Mix green salad

Take as many as salad items possible. I would prefer adding tomatoes, radish, baby corn, spinach, broccoli, steamed bamboo sprout, bean sprout, cucumber, capsicums, parsley, and green chili. Cut all those according to your need, mix them in a salad bowl, dipping the mixture with a salad dressing. Do not forget to sprinkle with a pinch of seafood seasoning before serving with the crab meat or imitation crab meat.

Roasted Vegetables

Especially in winter, when there are lots of vegetables become available in the grocery shop- I prefer eating roasted vegetables with king crab legs as a side dish. You can take as many vegetables as you get. like sautéed asparagus, baby carrots, baby corn, zucchini, green nut squash, pumpkin, broccoli, spinach, etc.

Beef Steak/Sausage/Bacon

Do you have one day in a week to get rid of your keto diet? So you are on the way to enjoying some awesome beef steak, baked sausage, or baked bacon with your crab leg or crab meat? You need to calculate the total amount of carbs, and calories before trying this dish. But I think once in a week -it will never gonna bother you more! Just do not add more butter to the baked meat.

There are lots of seafood, if you want can fry or bake any of them and serve them with crab legs stew.

Macaroni and Noodles:

Make a combination of steamed macaroni and noodles. Dip these with soya sauce and tomato sauce. Also, add other leaves or herbs you want. Now add crab meat to this. Mix well and serve. if you want to eat with king crab legs, you can eat this as side dishes as well.

Easy Keto Crab with other seafood Foil Bake recipe

For your diet convenience, let you give an easier crab recipe with other seafood and veggies.


  • Crab legs/crab sticks/crab meat
  • Other available seafood like shrimp, squid, muscles
  • Seafood seasoning (Cajun seasoning)
  • Veggies Like, Zucchini, Asparagus, Squash
  • Sausage
  • Butter/avocado oil/cheddar cheese
  • Parsley
  • Aluminum foil

How to cook

Interestingly you will never have an easy recipe like this delicious seafood mixture. First of all, you need to take sturdy aluminum foil paper. Then you have to keep all the ingredients in this foil. Spray the pinch of Cajun seasoning! Just wrap the ingredients very well. Seal the foil and bake it according to your preferred temperature.

If the shrimp and crabs are frozen, you can keep those in the normal water for one or two hours so that they sit well and throughout perfectly for your baking. If you have fresh crab legs, or steamed crab legs you can bake those directly in the aluminum foil mixing with other ingredients we said before.

Serve this dish with keto crab dip sauce. Cooking crab legs by this means allows you to meet your crab crabbing.


What is imitation crab?

Imitation crabs are snack-like. It is an alternative to crab and is processed with MSG and phosphorous. This item is full of high carbs and calories. The good thing about imitation crab is, that it is cheaper and more available than any regular crab legs or crab meats. You can eat imitation crab like crab meat, sausage, or bacon recipes.

How many carbs crab legs?

Almost zero grams! Besides this, crab meat also contains low fat and high protein. Crabs contain less than 1 gram of fat( healthy fats). Unlike any high-fat diet, crab legs are keto-friendly food, even you can eat it with a little bit of cream cheese topping too.

How many carbs are in king crab legs?

King Crab leg is one of the most popular crab legs and contains zero carbs. King crab delivers almost 2g of healthy fat with 26 grams of protein. Also, it is mentionable that, this carb-free, keto-friendly crab can give you 130 calories per serving.


Enjoying crab legs also give you a few good news! They are keto-friendly, yummy, healthy, tasty, luscious, and so on. Now that you know about crab legs, as they are keto friendly so make sure you have listed this wonderful seafood on your grocery shopping list. Once you are done with this healthy keto shopping, just enjoy your meal and take good care of your beautiful curvy body after a few days! That’s all on Are crab legs ketogenic or not? Good luck!

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