Difference Between Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer

Over the past few decades, we have seen several new cooking appliances being invented. The arrival of certain appliances has been more hyped than others. Air fryers generate the most hype. It’s frying your food in a healthy way. Here we discuss the differences between an air fryer vs a pressure cooker and find out which will benefit you the most. A pressure cooker is a familiar appliance that has been around for a long time and the air fryer caught our attention only a few years ago. A pressure cooker relies on creating internal pressure, which raises the boiling point, while an air fryer is like a convection oven, which circulates heated air. This is the major difference between Pressure cooker and Air Fryer.

Air cooker makes food crisp and dry but pressure cooker makes food juicy and tender. Both cook quickly. So the important thing is that they serve different purposes. They cannot replace each other but can complement each other very well. I researched both online and offline to learn more about these two tools and in which specific situations you might benefit from one or the other. If you’re thinking of buying one of these, replacing one, or both, this guide will be full of helpful information and guidance.

Working process of an air fryer

An air fryer and a convection oven are mostly similar. It circulates hot air through a fan to cook food quickly and evenly. And the hot air from the fan makes the food crispy which we love. An air fryer is best for deep frying anything. You can use it to cook vegetables, chicken, and stir-fry. Bake mutton, and potatoes or make crispy Brussels sprouts, salmon fillets, and more.

Advantages of an air fryer

If you like to eat crisp and tasty food and don’t want to spend much time in the kitchen, then an air fryer is the right choice for you. Baked, crispy, fried, deep-fried foods are prepared by air fryer. So, if it’s not on your food list, it’s probably not the right device for you.

The Benefits of Air Fryer

  1.  Air fryer food is very tasty. They replicate the texture, look, and taste of your favorite deep-fried foods. I’m talking about the crisp, brown surface.
  2. Making healthy food with an air fryer is very easy. A little cooking oil is needed to deep fry food. Thus, most recipes contain 80% less fat than other deep-fried foods.
  3. Air fryers can preheat very quickly; Most recipes take less time to cook. It takes a maximum of 20 minutes for each recipe. So it’s a perfect gadget for weeknight meals.
  4. Cleaning the air fryer is very simple, quick, and easy. It is dishwasher safe. And if hand washing is desired, it will be done in 2 minutes because there is nothing but two small materials to clean.
  5. You can use the air fryer to prepare a variety of foods. You can bake, roast, grill, toast, fry or dehydrate. You can reheat leftovers.
  6. The air fryer is very small in size. It is smaller than a conventional oven. So it is easy to move and use.
  7. Basic air fryers are cheap and affordable compared to other cooking gadgets. The examples below start at $50 and go as high as you want The more expensive the model, the more cooking space you get. You also get additional features of expensive models.

Consider this before buying an air fryer

  • First, you need to think about how many people you want to cook for and how often you want to cook. If the number is high, you should buy an air fryer which is cheap and has basic features.
  • Although air fryers are small in size, they do take up space so you need to consider suitable space for them.
  • There are many types of air fryers in the market. You should buy consciously what kind you need.

Air-fried food health thinkers?

Obviously, Air fry is better and healthier than deep fry as it requires 80% less oil. Which helps in reducing fat. On the other hand, less oil is required but the taste is not reduced. remains the same.

Working process of a pressure cooker

A pressure cooker is like a normal pot. It cooks like a regular pot. The only difference is that a lid has a lock to create a sealed chamber. Which increases the temperature of the water in the pot and ultimately speeds up the time it takes to cook the food. A pressure cooker is a combination of a pot and a lid. The pressure cooker stops when the couple is tied. Act when they are separated. Basically one of the main processes of a pressure cooker is separation.

A pressure cooker cannot cook dry food. The food you want to cook inside the pressure cooker should be liquid. When the liquid begins to boil, the water vapor creates pressure inside the cooker and cooks the food. You can cook anything in a pressure cooker. Like: soups, stews, grains, and oatmeal.

Advantages of a pressure cooker 

If you love healthy, delicious meals, but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing them then a pressure cooker is the right choice for you. You have to love boiled, braised, and steamed food to appreciate it. But, if you don’t like that kind of food, it may be not the right device for you.

The Benefits of Pressure Cookers

  1. You can create various dishes with a pressure cooker. Like: soups, stews, stocks, dry beans, whole grains, fibrous vegetables, and meats. Everything will cook well in a pressure cooker.
  2. Pressure cookers can cook in 30% less time than any other gadget. So it is the best appliance for cooking weeknight dinners. This will give you more time to spend on yourself.
  3. Food prepared from a pressure cooker is healthy. Because you have to cook with water in the pressure cooker. Which helps retain minerals and vitamins in food
  4. Clean up with the pressure cooker is very easy, quick, and simpleThere is nothing but two small materials which are a stock pot and a seal to clean.
  5. Basic Pressure cookers are cheap and affordable. The examples below start at $100 and go as high as you want The more expensive the model, the more cooking space you get. You also get additional features of expensive models.

Consider this before buying a pressure cooker

  • You must be ready to use it. It has a sealed lid so its usage is complicated. But you can easily learn it in a few days. You have to ensure that the quality of the food is properly maintained. For this, you can follow its suitable recipe. No need to worry, you can find such recipes anytime on the internet.
  • This device is big and takes up a lot of space. So before buying it make sure that you have enough space in your kitchen to keep it.

Are pressure cookers safe?

In the 1950s, many pressure cookers exploded due to improper sealing procedures. Since then people are afraid to use it today. But for now, there is nothing to fear. It has many safety precautions


Just to remind you the air fryer and pressure cooker are not complementary. Both have different functions and cooking methods. Air fryer for those who love to fry. And those who prefer cooked food will choose a pressure cooker. Now think about your taste.

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