Tiger vs Zojirushi Rice Cooker

Most often we stuck our shelves in hesitation while picking the best from the best! Yea, the same happens with two great Japanese rice cookers:- Tiger and the Zojirushi! Both the Tiger and the Zojirushi also are the same. Both these are the Best rice cookers, so whether you choose the first one or the last, you will get the best. However, Do not confuse yourself with these two Rice cooker brands. Just read us, and know the details of the Tiger vs Zojirushi rice cooker. Finally, you will, catch all points that should force you to bring both of these rice cookers or any single of them.

Let’s dive down-

Japanese Rice Cookers and the new era of rice cooking technology!

Japanese rice cookers have a good reputation in the market. Even if you cannot maintain the exact water: rice ratio in these rice cookers, they will still cook perfectly cooked rice for you! The Japanese rice cooker also has glorious feedback for maintaining quality. And for this, they are expanding besides Japan to other countries including the USA as well. 

Basically in the whole of Asia rice is eaten as one of the main dishes. To cook this staple meal, Japanese rice cooking utensils flourish day by day. However, as lots of Japanese cooking utensils are available now, it might be difficult to find which one is more suitable for you. However, we will today discuss two top-graded Japanese Rice cooker brand reviews, hope this gonna help you to pick the perfect one!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Japanese Rice Cooker

In our previous article, we have written details about how you can buy the best non-stick rice cooker! However, now let’s tell what factors you should focus on when you are intending to bring one Japanese rice cooker.

Consult with a Japanese chef to measure your rice cooker

Wondering why I am suggesting this? It is because Japanese rice comes in broader varieties! So the exact measurement of any particular rice sometimes seems very tricky to you. Though all written instructions are present on every cooker brand’s manual. However, the chef knows the best about Japanese rice. So if you are in love with any particular Japanese rice, consult with a chef and choose a Japanese cooker brand. See the Measuring cup and the rice cooker volume as well. Let’s give me the measuring details-

3 cup rice cooker is for a tiny family

6 cups are for middle-sized family

10 cups to 20 cups are for larger-sized families.

Could the cost be essential? 

Yes, Rice cooker price is a vital factor! Don’t go for a cheap and low-graded rice cooker, rather than cook your rice on the stovetop! Japanese rice cookers are a few steps ahead with quality. Any Japanese brand is good with manufacturing stability. Still, if you are searching for the affordable one, you can go with it.

Should You Focus on The Design and performance? 

Why Rice cooker performance is essential? Because you deserve the best in your kitchen. So if you have the chance to enhance your kitchen decor value, focus on the design of your lichen gadgets. Only the design could not make you satisfied, hence performance is the most vital factor. The fact is-Rice cooker design, Rice cooker quality, Rice cooker function, and Rice cooker capacity-all are related to Rice cooker brand choice.

However, A good combination of good design, and user-friendly performance is therefore mandatory. The appearance and size of your cooker might be crucial for you. A Rice cooker may be off-ss made or plastic exterior. Also, they could be round or square. 

What About The Keep Warm Function?

This is the most upgraded version every high-end rice cooker should feature. This feature is to ensure you two things. The first one-you will not be going to bun your rice, especially if you are a newbie to cooking rice and can’t fix the water addition properly. Again you can cook various items at one time, like cooking rice inside the inner pot. At a time you can steam other meals(vegetables, eggs, fruits, or others) in the steamer basket on the top of the inner pot.

However having automatic warming function indicates, your rice will not be overcooked. Also, if you have any leftovers, this function will take care of these leftovers for a long hour. After 5 to 12 hours (depending on the cooker’s warming capacity), you will get warm rice with a fresh smell and look.

Know Details About The Cooker Settings

As there are different of rice, so obviously their cooking time and setting also differ. Various rice such as Plain White rice, Brown rice, Jasmine rice, Germinated Brown rice, Basmati rice, and Short Grain rice-all are cooked at different heating, at different times, and at different water ratios. The advantage of a multicooker is that it offers a multi-cooking setting option by which you can bypass several manual things. 

For the newbie or the most adult who cannot go with multiple settings, “one-push” is perfect for them. The advantage of a cooker with such a setting is, only one setting will cook everything. But the con is, you can’t go with variety cooking at a time with such a setting. You can’t cook brown rice in the same setting as white rice cooking! 

Rice cooker durability

You can’t measure Rice cooker durability when you purchase it. But durability is an important parameter you should focus on badly on which. Rice cooker convenience comes with not only affordability and performance. Rather than it must need to be a durable gadget for you.

Product Reviews- Tiger vs Zojirushi

Among any rice-cooking connoisseurs, Tiger and Zorirushi are the best. These cookers are Japan-made, also they have a U.S. subsidiary arm. These two Rice cooker brands are so competitive, so you can’t choose just any of these by quality issues. Tiger vs Zorirushi battle is not unknown in the kitchen utensils market. Users often get confused about which one to choose or which one to deny. However, let’s compare both these rice cookers-

Tiger JKT-B10U-C 5.5-Cup Stainless Steel Rice Cooker, Beige

Tiger rice cooker is made with 3 layers meal non-stick inner pot. This Rice cooker features a Detachable inner lid and steam vent cap. Moreover, the Inner pan with a grip handle makes this cooker handy for all users. Tiger corporation included a preset cooking timer in this gadget, so once you set the cooking time, you only have to keep the rice in the inner pot, and then turn on the cooker. Advanced technology like induction heating technology is incorporated here, which works more precisely with time adjustment. Moreover, this technology can sense the temperature change and also can respond to the change. So the ultimate cooking time is reduced compared with others.

The inner cooking pan also is mentionable here, this metal pot is made with 3 thermal layers. This pot comes with extreme quality. However, the dia of this pit is 1.5 millimeters. So it can raise the temperature to 265° F ( Steam up to 240° F.). So you can ensure this heating temperature will eventually cook all grains of rice. Also will steam the food deeply. There is 2 reset Custom Cooking Timers so you can cook the rice at the different desired times. Compared with the push-operating rice cooker, these are perfect to adjust the cooking tie at two different timing details. You can press -the Plain/Ultra/Quick option while cooking the plain whole-grain rice. On the other hand, while cooking the jasmine rice/long grain whole rice, press the jasmine option. Again, to cook the brown rice press the Broen option.

Why Tiger?

  • Japan made
  • Automatic “keep warm” function
  • Delay Timer Function
  • Ultra setting with soak time (for max sweetness)
  • Attractive color (beige stainless steel )
  • Easy to clean

Why not Tiger?

  • More expensive 
  • No Retractable Power Cord

Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH Induction Heating System Rice Cooker

The Zojirushi rice cooker comes in a Stainless Dark Gray color. The mentionable features of these cookers are-

  • induction heat (IH) technology
  • multiple cooking options
  • a detachable inner lid. 

The heating and warming technology of Zojirushi is superb! However, Like any other best high-end Japanese rice cooker it cooks through induction heating. You probably know why Induction eating is efficient to sook every grain with perfect flaw and with fluffy. Also, the triple heater (from up down, and side) distributes the heat eventually all over to cook the rice all around. Automatic keep-warm technology is included with Thai kitchen appliances, so leaves up the tension for the leftover food. All the leftover remains warm and fresh for a long time.

Multi-menu cooking functions are Also a feature of this cooker. So you have the broader option to cook almost all kinds of Japanese rice suppose-white rice (regular, softer, or harder), jasmine white rice, mixed rice, sushi rice, porridge, sweet rice, brown rice, and GABA brown rice through this rice cooker. There is a very smooth and healthy cooking option for all brown rice(Including the GABA and the germinated one).

Thirdly the construction of this cooker. It has a very Clear-coated stainless steel exterior, which smoothly goes with all kitchen types. The inner cooking pan is black, thick nd spherical. The inner lid is also made with SS, which is detachable and washable. 

The LCD control panel is a range color, need to set the clock and Timer. However, the control panel is easy to read and thus easy to control. The melody and beep here also are interchangeable. However, the Delay timer for Zojirushi is (2 settings).

Why Zojirushi

  • Made in Japan
  • Multicooking function
  • The inner lid is detachable and washable
  • Delay timer function (2 settings)
  • Can cook Sushi and GABA brown rice
  • Less expensive comparatively

Why Not Zojirushi

  • The inner pot handles less

What Are the Alternatives of Tiger and Zojirushi

CUCKOO CR-0631F | 6-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker 

The first alternative to the aforementioned Japanese rice brands is CUCKOO CR-0631F. It’s a Korean Micom brand that offers the versatility of cooking and an easy way to clean. In this Micom rice cooker, there is a combination of Classic Menu options with other cook set menus. So you can cook rice (of course varieties kinds) with Steam & slow cooking process as well.

Firstly the design and the capacity of CUCKOO will impress you at just first seen. The combination of the white and pink exterior brings a cute impression inside the kitchen decor. Whatever, it is compact, so you can store it effortlessly. You can easily arrange all meals for your middle-sized family with this CUCKOO model. The Non-Stick & Non-Toxic Inner Pot moreover will offer you an easy cleaning once your meal is done. As the inner is non-stick and non-toxic, it will not go to contaminate your meal from any chemical leaching!

Yes, you can enjoy quick cooking here! CUCKOO can measure how much rice you have given inside, thus can distribute all heat according to rice weight. Specific menu options also will help you to cook the selective dishes quickly and easily. It has a keep-warm function for hours. Interestingly you can serve the food bay making it hot by the reheat function.

The LCD screen is very bright, and easily you can navigate on it. Cooking cycles are written clearly so you can catch all functions and modes. Finally, you can enjoy the delay time with this cooker for up to 13 hours. All accessories like User Manual, Measuring Cup, and Rice Scoop are also included with this product.

Why Cuckoo?

  • 8 Menu Options
  • Nonstick Inner Pot
  • Made in Korea
  • A good color combination of White & Pink
  • PREMIUM QUALITY under $128
  • Easy Display Navigation
  • Removable Inner Lid for Easy-Clean

Why Not Choose Cuckoo?

  • Need high power to run

CUCKOO CRP-LHTR0609F | 6-Cup (Uncooked) Twin Pressure Induction Heating Rice Cooker 

CUCKOO CRP-LHTR0609F is another Korean CUCKOO brand, which comes with 16 set menu options. Whether the previous CUCKOO offers 10 cooking menu options. However, The round shape, stainless steel inner pot, and white exterior all bring an additional impressive value to this model. Moreover, it offers you to enjoy a Twin Pressure Rice Cooker, which works through Ultra High-Pressure cooking mode/IH Non-Pressure cooking. So the choice is yours! You can go through any of your desired modes.

The most amazing matter is, it has an Open Cooking option. So you can open the cooker lid in the middle of your cooking and can add additional ingredients to the cooked rice. It’s a so dynamic cooking option, giving an additional healthy and tasty feel to the user. CUCKOO’s this model has a “smart lock” safety technology, that will take care of all the safety and security of your gadgets (including you as well) while you need to open the lid to add additional ingredients. 


  • SS inner pot with Xwall Black Shine Coating
  • Eco stainless curved Inner pot
  • One Touch Detachable cover
  • Dual motion gasket
  •  “smart lock” safety technology
  • Open Cooking Function


  • The price is extremely high ($549 on Amazon)

Tiger vs Zojirushi Let’s See The Comparison


Both are better. Right? But the cost is different. You might see Zojirushi is less expensive compared with the Tiger. So if you want to save money, avoid Tiger and choose Zojirushi. So for cost issues, Zojirushi is the best

Performance and cooking options

If you think about which rice cooker is best based on its performance, you will get puzzled. Both Tiger and Zojirushi have the Multiple cooking Setting Option. And both of these features have the automatic warming function. You can additionally cook oatmeal, and brown rice by Tiger. On the other hand, Zojirushi can cook Sushi rice GABA brown rice. So pick anyone, both are equally functional and performative for you. 

Inner pot

I am writing only about the inner pot excluding the exterior part. Hence inner pot is crucial to hold the rice and cook them. Both the Tiger and the Zojirushi have a nonsticky inner pot. But Tiger features a grip handle on its inner pot, whereas Zojirushi does not have a such lid. So if you compare Zojirushi with the Tiger, Tiger is the best choice in case of having a handy inner pot lid. 


Tiger can almost 5.5-Cup rice. Zojirushi can do more than the Tiger. It can cook Up to 5.5 cups / 1.0 liter. As Zojirushi has a larger capacity than Tiger, for the larger family you can go with the Zojirushi. 

Lucrative Value

Tiger is Beige stainless steel color. On the other hand, Zojirushi is a Stainless Dark Gray color. Both have stainless steel exteriors. Both are pretty aesthetic to look at. The shape is almost the same, only color is different! So you cannot distinguish between these two based on their lucrative value. Still want to give priority to one of these? Do one thing, try a lottery!

Fuzzy Logic Method

Zojirushi works through Traditional heating technology. It’s nothing but an electric rice cooker. On the other hand, Tiger is ahead of the traditional electric rice cooker. Tiger features Micom technology (Fuzzy Logic) by which the rice gets more precise heating while cooking. So, Tiger is ahead in this category!

What about the advanced cooking functions? 

Tiger works with almost 4 cooking settings. With a steamer basket, Tiger works more than a cooker. But Zojirushi only works for cooking! Here Tiger also gets more marks than the Tiger!

Tiger & Zojirushi Rice cooker comparison at a glance

ParameterWhich one is best?
CostTiger is less expensive
advanced cooking functions?Tiger is the best
Fuzzy Logic MethodTiger is the best
Lucrative ValueBoth Tiger & Zojirushi
CapacityZojirushi is the larger
Performance and cooking optionI prefer Zojirushi
Inner potTiger is the best

Which one you can choose between The Tiger & Zojirushi?

Decide which type of rice you want to cook first. Tiger can cook white rice, brown rice, oatmeal, porridge rice, and Jasmine rice. On the other hand, Zojirushi can cook all brown rice (including the Germinated, GABA, etc). Zojirushi also can cook Sushi rice, plain white rice, and Jasmine rice. Sweet rice, Porridge rice, and so on! Tiger has three additional settings like Plain. Ultra, Quick, and mix. Again Zojirusi also has the Regular Hrder softer, Quick, and Mixed options. 

Secondly, the capacity. Tiger little bit lower in capacity than the Zojirushi. So if you want a larger rice cooker- go with the Zojirushi. Then the cost! Zojirushi is more affordable than the Tiger. So pick Tiger if you have a budget issue, otherwise, my opinion is for Zojirushi.


In a Nutshell

In a word, I found only three mentionable differences between the Tiger and the Zojirushi. The first one is their cost, the Second is their capacity and the third one is their cooking variants! So after seeing the tiger vs Zojirushi rice cooker review battle, one thing you must say with a faith-Japanese brand is so flourishing day by the day-of course they will be unbeatable in the Rice cooker technology soon. However, here are all the review details of these two brands. Also, we have given here the alternate rice cooker details. No matter whether you choose Tiger or Zojirushi, still if you want to bypass both of these-obviously Korean CUCKOO is waiting for you.

Thank you!

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