Non Toxic Rice Cooker

Why do you need a Healthy rice cooker? Not only this is due to make with all Non-toxic materials, but it offers all Chemical-free cooking! A non-toxic rice cooker is more than just a few Safe kitchen appliances. It is such a Non-leaching rice cooker- you even can safely use it to make your kids rice as well. As family and family member is the most vital things for us-we need to choose a cooker-which are Eco-friendly kitchen product that goes with Healthy cooking options or Chemical-free kitchen usage. We never can compromise our food quality or safety, besides with we also have to take care of our cooking time- So the best rice cooker, which is user-friendly, safe, produces versatile, and healthy meal-should be our top pick. Let’s stop the introduction and dive into the detailed discussion-

7 Best Non Toxic Rice Cookers

Everybody wants a versatile and safe rice cooker, which features both durability and versatility. Also, the quality of materials where is food graded and comes through all safety instructions! So thinking which rice cookers could be such? Just get our today’s selection-all our today’s rice cookers are non-toxic, safe for health, durable, and come through lots of user-impressing features. 

Just go through the below list-

1. Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Rice Cooker

If you’re searching for America’s no-one non-toxic rice cooker- The instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Rice cooker is for you. It’s a 7 in 1 rice cooker, which not only cooks rice for you. Along with rice cooking, it’s a multifunctional cooker. So you can utilize it to meet your various kitchen needs.

As this versatile cooker comes with seven appliances (which makes it unique and diversified) So you can make healthy and varied types of meals easily within a few times. Moreover, it has 13 customizable smart cooking options, so you can easily cook lots of dishes (light to heavy) smartly within less time.

Interestingly you can cook faster or slower with this Chemical free rice cooker. Almost 70 percent faster cooking this cooker offers. Again you can go with the reverse of it! That means if you wish, you can go with the slow cooking as your grandma did. 

Features like Fingerprint resistance, Dishwasher-Safe Lid, SS-made inner side, and almost 10 safety features make this cooker worthy in everybody’s kitchen.

However, with 5.68 Liters capacity, this instant pressure cooker, or what you can call the rice cooker is made with pure stainless steel. The black finishing with the ss constructions makes it’s aesthetic look little kitchen appliance exactly! As the capacity is also very large, it is perfect for any grow up family.

Lastly, you can collaborate your ios and android phone with free Instant Pot apps. Where you will get lots of recipes with all written instructions. 


  • 10 Plus Built-In Safety Features
  • 13 customizable Smart Programs 
  • Food graded Stainless Steel made
  • 5.68 Liters capacity
  • Features Versatile cooking options with 7 different appliances.
  • Solid steam rack with handy base handle lid 


  • No mess, No time
  • 7 in 1 kitchen appliances
  • 70% faster cooking
  • Smarter Working
  • Easy Cleanup
  • Fingerprint-resistant SS sides
  • Dishwasher-safe 


  • No guarantee outside of the USA.

2. Aroma Housewares ARC-150SB Rice Cooker

If you are searching for one larger-capacity rice cooker, Arome is for you. This one is XL size and offers almost 4 to 20 cups of rice cooking at a time. Power consumption is also very unique here, only 120V/60Hz 860W. Additional support like a double guarantee and a serving spatula with a measuring cup is delivered with this cooker.

Unlike any ceramic and traditional Inner pots, Aroma features an almost 8 times more durable inner pot. Moreover, this inner pot is totally toxin free. And simply dishwasher safe.

Aroma has all user-friendly programming. The digital panel and automatic switch mode all just make this “set it and forget it”. So even if you forgot to shut off the cooker, it will automatically turn off and go to the warmer mode to keep your food warmer for a long.

This Multi-functional rice cooker not only offers a versatile healthy offer to you, moreover the way you can be creative here-easily can explore the cooking world to make it healthy, and tasty within a short period.

The package content of this cooker is 1 Aroma Digital Rice Cooker & Food Steamer, SS Exterior (Arc-150Sb), 1 Rice Measuring Cup, 1 Serving Spatula, Exclusive Recipes, Coupons For Mahatma & Carolina Rice, etc.


  • 20-cup capacity 
  • programmable digital controls
  • The 5-layer reinforced non-stick inner pot
  • Features Slow Cook function
  •  Built-in Steam function for simultaneous cooking


  • Easy to Clean
  • Slow Cook Function
  • 15 hours Delay Timer
  • Cooks Any Grain
  • Easy-to-use
  • Best under 40


  • You can’t remove the lid, so it’s a major design problem.

3. Cuisinart CRC-400 Rice Cooker

Cuisinart is a reputed brand of kitchen utensils. Whether you want to cook rice, or their meal-Cuisinart is one of the Safe cooking equipment nowadays. Unlike other usual rice cookers, Safe cooking equipment is square! So the first impression of this cooker, yes-of-course makes hype among all aesthetic kitchen utensils users!

However the capacity of this square-shaped Eco-friendly rice cooker is 4 Cups, so it easily meets a middle or tiny family’s meal needs. So you may wonder why I included this Non-toxic kitchen gadget in this list. 

Let me explain-Cuisinart has two fantastic features-the first one is, it is made with brushed ss. So you can cook rice without a total splattering of which. Again it has chrome-plated handles. As these are chrome-plated, therefore you can touch but you will feel no heat. So these are cool-to-touch handles. 

 Like any other rice cooker, there is also a perfect built-in tray. So at a time, you can cook the rice, and also can steam the egg, potato vegetables, or even any other meal on the top of the tray.

The package content for this comes with-1 SS steaming basket, 1 Non-stick cooking bowl ( coated anodized aluminum ), 1 glass lid,1 paddle, and 1 measuring cup.


  • Brushed stainless steel housing, rim, and steaming pot
  • Tempered glass cover 
  • Chrome-plated handles knob 
  • Indicator lights (both for cooking and warm)
  • Capacity 4 cups
  • Traditional lever control


  • Built-in tray
  • Automatic Keep Warm function
  • Non-stick coating
  •  Handles are cool to touch


  • Customer feedback on making a mess with overflowing

4. BLACK+DECKER Rice Cooker, 6-Cup

Are you searching for an exceptional rice cooker within your afford limit? So BLACK+DECKER Rice Cooker is here for you. Within less than $25, you can get this safe rice cooker to cook at least 4 to 6 cups of rice at one time. 

And this cooker is ETL Listed, so you can cook any large or small amount of meal without thinking about how you will keep the leftovers! Black Decker can keep the food warm for a long time! 

So you can call this one an always standby meal server-when ever you wish, can serve the hot food from the inside pot of it. All required accessories like Steaming Basket, Measuring Cup, and Spoon are delivered with this cooker, so you don’t need to worry about all assisting parts. 

So why still are you waiting for? Just make your meal within 20-30 minutes! You can cook your dearest fluffy rice easily with this beautiful rice cooker. There is an automatic ‘keep warm’ function, so through your tension about the leftover rice.

It’s both a rice cooker and a steamer. So lots of utility bills also going to save with this. At a time you can cook rice, and also can steam the side dishes in the steaming basket. 

And lastly the cleaning-believe it or not, this gadget is awesome, takes a pinch to clean the whole. It is dishwasher safe, and you can wash it manually!


  • 6-Cup Capacity
  • Automatic Keep Warm
  • Removable Nonstick Bowl
  • Different indicator Lights for warming up, cooking
  • Nonstick inner bowl with tempered glass lid


  • 2-Year Limited Warranty 
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Covers most cooking


  • Inconvenient for the max amount of rice cooking
  • Construction materials are banned in the USA for causing cancer

5. Tiger JNP-S10U-HU Rice Cooker

Tiger’s JNP series is a renowned kitchen appliance in the whole world including japan(the manufacturer). This product is japan made, so it is full of quality and simplicity.

Already have much positive feedback we got about this product. It lasts for many years and gives all super kitchen services. You can cook, or steam your meal with less time, almost spending zero afford.

What makes it so special exactly? Because it is Japan-made. So the durability and the service of the product are not needed to explain anymore. Moreover, Tiger’s JNP series also is so fantastic, dominating the kitchen utensils world for many years. Without thinking twice, you can bring this cooker, can utilize it to make a versatile meal easily.

Yes, it features so many things for the users. Dont need to mention it anymore, it is one of the best rice cookers ever! The additional saying is, at the time of warming up the food, doesn’t make the food dry or harder! 

So even after 12 hours of warming up period from thai cooker, you can eat the leftover just like the freshly made ones. It’s a quality product. Perfect to make the larger meal or even individual meal!


  • 12 hours of food warming up
  • Removable & washable steam vent
  • Non-stick inner bowl
  • Removable and washable steam vent
  • Lid handle
  • Retractable Power cord
  • Spatula & Measuring Cup included


  • Versatile capacity
  • Simple & Easy Measuring
  • Cook perfectly
  • Best offer from Tiger Brand


  • The inner pot becomes peeled after a few months

6. Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH Rice Cooker

Did you see the design of the Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH Rice Cooker? If still not, my suggestion is please see it before you buy any rice cooking utensils. It’s a bit of an oval-shaped structure with a Stainless Dark Gray color.

Don’t just take your decision to purchase this product! It is so expensive, so before spending much-calculate your affording limit first. The cost of this product is almost near about $350.

However, the more sugar means the sweeter! Just like the cooker as well, This cooker is expensive but it is full of lots of high techs and features. And keep faith in the price, the price is worth even the last penny.

In one word, it’s an amazing cooker, which can cook additionally the Germinated Brown rice as well. So whether the white rice or various brown rice-you can go pretty well with this cooker. The superior induction heating technology incorporated into this cooker, distribute heat eventually-so can make flawless rice easily

If I don’t say about the construction of Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH, my writing intention will remain incomplete! Already I say this cooker has Multi-menu cooking functions. So you can cook all kinds of rice through it. Secondly, Clear-coated stainless steel exterior! The exterior finishing is so aesthetic and beautifully goes with any kind of kitchen decor. Even if it does not consume lots of space, also offers an easy clean-up at its underneath.

 It has a triple heater, also it features an automatic warm-up function. So even after a long time, this cooker will keep your leftovers warm. So the serving food also will with the perfect temperature in any environment. The black thick spherical inner pots cook all healthy meals. Also, the stainless steel inner lid is detachable and easily washable. 


  • Multi-Menu cooking functions
  • Detachable and washable stainless steel inner lid
  • Delay timer (2 settings)
  • Clear-coated stainless steel exterior fits
  • Black thick spherical inner cooking pan
  • Easy-to-read and use orange LCD control panel with Clock and Timer
  • GABA Brown Setting (Brown Rice Activation)


  • Triple heater (bottom side and lid)
  • Easy cleaning both inside and outside
  • Hot Air Escape
  • Can cook Jasmine rice.
  • Louder than the old model
  • Additional heating membrane
  • High Quality


  • Over expensive

7. Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker, (37548)

A smaller family needs a small rice cooking utensil. Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker is exactly for a small family, it can cook smaller to 20 cups of rice. The exact capacity of this kitchen appliance is 7 liters.

Till now, we have included all rice cookers based on at least one fantastic key feature! However, Hamilton offers you to save the utility bill each month. This is gas-powered, so no fear of the electricity bill after month’s end!

Hamilton is to make your daily life much easier. Yes, from breakfast to dinner-Hamilton Beach Rice/Hot Cereal Cooker will cook lots of different meals for you and your family. This cooker can cook whole grains, rice, or cereals just at a glance. After cooking if there is any leftover -no spoling problem, this cooker can warm up the remaining food for a prolonged time without making the leftovers too dry or too hard. 

Hamilton Beach products usually try to meet all user needs. The plus point is, they make all process steps very easy for the users. Like, you only have to keep the uncooked rice in the non-stick pot, then close the lid and set the timer. Once you select the setting and turn on the machine-now you don’t have to do anything more! Just wait the set time and see how this cooker has cooked your meal in front of you!

There is also a delayed start-so you can get all the required time to make your breakfast or the heavy dinner. Just read the user manual-all instructions written here, are very to the point!


  • 2-In-1 rice rinser/steam basket
  • Versatile capacity (2 to 14 cups of rice)
  • 6 different program setting
  • Automatically warm shifting
  • Delay start option 


  • Great for cereal cooking
  • Gas powered
  • Versatile capacity with versatile cooking
  • One-Pot Cooking
  • Do not split the food


  • Take a long time to cook

Buying Guideline for non toxic rice cooker

The best thing you need to consider at the time buying the best non-toxic rice cooker is how these utensils going to meet your purpose. That means what is its design, and how about its capacity? 

Also, you can’t deny the brand, the cleaning, and the maintenance system as well. And the cost is the last factor, you need to focus on which. However, we already listed 7 non-stick rice cookers above. It is better if you choose the best from our whole list.

But we like, that doesn’t means you also like- So you can deny our list and also can go with your preference! Okay, no problem, if you are a newbie to choosing a rice cooker, which parameters you should focus on? Let’s see below-

Size & Capacity

It’s the crucial factor you need to decide before you select the cooker. If you are from a larger family you cannot go with a smaller rice cooker. A smaller cooker in that time will force you to cook frequently even your breakfast or dinner. However, choose the cooker according to your needs. If you need a larger capacity, go with a larger cooker. If you are from a tiny family, choose the smaller rice cooker. 

Brand Value

Brand value is another parameter you should give importance to which. There is a proverb, a reputed brand never will spoil its market by compromising its quality. This is a fact. So try to pick a good brand for your any need. Anyway, a good brand is a hood, that does mean no newcomer can bet on an established brand. Just see 3 or 4 brands and analysis the customer reviews about each o these. You will easily find the best product for you.


Design is not so much crucial. Nut you even cant deny this parameter. Whether you feel suitable with the round cooker, or square cooker is calling you badly-it is important. Also, you can see the construction of the cooker. Try to collaborate on the design and construction of the rice cooker. If both go perfectly go with each other-stop finding the next!


All rice cookers do not ask for the same price from you. Again all of them do not bear the same feature and specs as well. So if you want to purchase within your budget, you have to be selected among a limited budget option. If money is no problem-you can choose the expensive one as well. Some rice cookers are affordable but are good. However, be sure about the durability and service of the cooker as well. Suppose your rice cooker is cheap. That doesn’t mean it will survive only a few months. 


In a Nutshell

So this is our top 7 non-toxic rice cookers list. As we always think our client is more than us, just like our family. So we try to pick the top-notch product for our client’s all times. However, see the list and pick one of the best Food grade rice cookers which will be the Safe cooking utensils inside your kitchen!

Thank you.

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