How to Cook Jimmy Dean Sausage Sandwich

A jimmy dean sausage sandwich offers to fill the tummy with a wonderful sausage, fluffy eggs with lots of melty cheese inside of the bread halfway. This wonderful sandwich could conquer your morning and can make your day if you properly can process it before eating. However, cooking these breakfast sandwiches is not a difficult matter, but you need to follow proper heating time and heating instructions. Let’s stop the ado and see how to cook jimmy dean sausage sandwich.

How to cook jimmy dean sausage sandwich

If you know how to cook other frozen breakfast sandwiches, then it would be easier for you to cook the jimmy dean sausage sandwich. The process is more or less the same as others sandwiches. The only matter is, whether you are warming up one or a few of these sandwiches. Whatever, do not make a mess of the sandwich inside your microwave oven. Maximum 2 to 4 of these can cook at a time in a medium-sized microwave. However, let’s see the process steps.

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Frozen jimmy dean sausage sandwiches

If these sandwiches are from your freezer, so you have to first defrost them. You cannot directly cook the frozen item in your microwave. To defrost it first, let’s take the sandwich to a plate. Remove it from the wrapping material. Then use a kitchen towel and softly wrap the sandwich. All sandwich-adhered moisture goes away by this. However, defrost this sandwich in the microwave for 30 seconds. So here is one thing, you have to slits the sausage and the insider item from the halfway of the bread. Usually, people do this before defrosting. But I do it after defrosting. So it depends on you when you will split the sausage. However, now go for the main warm-up process. Cook it for 1 minute at HIGH of the microwave. After that reassemble all the separated items and again cook for 20 seconds. Or you can let this set for another 1 minute at the stand-by temperature of the microwave. Serve it with your preferred side dishes or sauce.

Refrigerated jimmy dean sausage sandwiches

Refrigerated jimmy dean sausage sandwiches do not need to defrost. So you can directly cook this in your microwave. Remove the manufacturing wrapper, and wrap it again with a kitchen towel. Split the sausage from the bread halfway. Now cook it in a preheated oven for 1 min (50 seconds). After then reassemble all items and again cook them for a few seconds. Serve it after that.

Can you cook jimmy dean’s sausage sandwich by other means?

Yes, you can cook the jimmy dean sausage sandwich by various cooking means. Such as a toaster, a baking oven, a frying pan, an air fryer even a pizza pan could be great cooking tools to warm up these sandwiches. You can follow the cooking instructions, to know what would be the heating and cooking instructions. However, you can follow these as well-

  • Air fryer- 8 to 9 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Baker- 15 to 20 minus at 340 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Frying Pan/pizza pan-20 to 30 minutes at low medium heat

So don’t make the frozen item warm-up process always microwave dependant. Rather use any DIY method and warm up your favorite morning meal for you and your family!

Can you freeze sausage sandwiches?

In Spite, you can make a freezer meal by freezing those sausage sandwiches. Just you need to follow the appropriate procedure to freeze these sandwiches. First, use a damp paper towel and wrap these sandwiches. Softly do this, and notice that your sandwich is not breaking at this stage. However, once this is done, then go for the second stage. Use the plastic wrapper to tightly wrap each sandwich. 

Do not wrap more than one sandwich at a time. If you are not getting the wrapper, you can use freezer-safe bags (pick the small pint size) and store them one by one. Instead, a large gallon-sized poly (obviously freezer safe) also could be used. This gallon can hold a few sandwiches at a time. The problem with larger poly is, when you want to cook only one sandwich, it becomes tough to separate one sandwich when few are frozen in one poly or box. Finally, seal the box or bag and store it in the freezer. Do not freeze these sandwiches for more than 3 days. 


How long do you cook Jimmy Dean’s sandwich?

If I use the oven, then I cook it for 15 to 20 minus at 340 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit heating temperature. At the same temperature, you can cook this sandwich in an air fryer for 8 to 9 minutes. And finally 50 seconds ( with 30 seconds of defrosting time) at HIGH in a microwave.

Can you microwave a Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich in the wrapper?

You should not. Accept you are using the PFC-coated wrappers. As usual, wrapper features the grease-resistant coatings, which could leave dangerous ingredients on the food you are going to cook inside your microwave. So avoid this wrapper when you er microwaving.

Are Jimmy Dean’s breakfast sandwiches fully cooked?

Yes, these sandwiches are fully cooked. The insider petty made with pork or chicken is fully cooked. However, as these sandwiches are frozen, so you need to heat these before you eat these.

In a Nutshell

Do not miss to hit the busy morning with a perfectly warmed-up sausage sandwich. As jimmy is best to blast their frozen sandwich, so bring those from jimmy and cook! As we here with how to cook a jimmy dean sausage sandwich, now it is just a few minutes matter for you to prepare this breakfast item. So cook this breakfast sandwich and enjoy your breakfast meal.

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