How to Cook Jimmy Dean Croissant Sandwich

A well-cooked jimmy dean croissant sandwich served with savoury sausage, roasted vegetables, a scrambled egg, and obviously with your favorite melted butter and serving sauce! Does all together this is not enough to make your snacks or breakfast shiny enough? It is don’t need to mention how a buttery and saucy croissant jimmy dean breakfast brings a good taste to everybody’s tongue! However, before making your breakfast enriched with this sandwich, first you have to know how to cook this item! Here the process steps are-

  • The first instruction for you is, please follow the process instructions written on the package of your croissant sandwich. If needed, freeze the sandwich. Freezing time should not cross more than 3 days. 
  • We are going to describe the process steps for a 1000 watts microwave. If you are using a different microwave, the heating instructions would be different. So carefully adjust the heat.
  • Now take the sandwich on the kitchen board. Remove the package from it. For better heat transfer, wrap the sandwich with the kitchen tissue or towel. Slowly soak the external moisture with the tissue or towel.
  • As you have taken the frozen croissant sandwich, so you have to defrost it now. Defrost it inside the microwave for 1 and a half minutes.
  • Now start the main heating, high up the high, and cook the sandwich for 1 minute. If the microwave with lower watts (that is 800 to 700 watts) cooks for an additional half minute.
  • Now keep the sandwich inside the microwave and let it set on the standby temperature.
  • Serve it with your favorite sauce, and side dishes.

If the sandwich is not frozen, that means perhaps you just bring it from the mall and start to cook. Remove the package first, then wrap it with the kitchen towel. Soaks the excessive moisture. As these are not frozen, so you don’t need to defrost these. Just cook these at high heat for 1 and 30 seconds. The remaining process is the same as the previous one.


In a Nutshell

The croissant sandwich is so yummy, everybody would like to have that slavery breakfast minimum of once each week. Interestingly, I like this sandwich in my evening snacks as well. So whatever, it is not crucial when you are eating this yummy and wonderful sandwich, rather than you need to know how to process it. So that’s all on how to cook a jimmy dean croissant sandwich in just within few minutes! What else do you need? Just go into your kitchen and prepare this incredible sandwich for you and your family!

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