How to cook frog legs in air fryer

Just imagine you are so much hungry! Can’t wait to eat some delicious food for your dinner. In the meanwhile, you are watching a cooking tv series in where the chef is preparing some crispy frog legs fry! How do you feeling? Must be your tummy got out of control to see this. Whatever! You don’t need to be over panic-as we are here, we will tell you how to cook frog legs in air fryer just within a while. let’s stop all my ado and jump in depth to see the practical procedure-

How to cook frog legs in air fryer

Ingredients you will need to air fry the frog legs

You know, what you will use to fry the frog legs depends on you. Yes, the main basic things like frozen frog legs, seafood seasoning items, cornmeal mixture, cooking spray, and milk all are more or less the same. But it is totally your matter if you want to add additional flavor, and spices to make the frog legs taste as per your own demand. However, I am writing here my preferred ingredients to cook frog legs in the air fryer-

  • Frog legs (measurement depends on you)
  • Liquid milk( take 2 cups of milk if the frog legs are 1 pound. Increase the milk according to increased frog legs).
  • Yellow Cornmeal( take equal as liquid plain milk)
  • Cooking Spray(I prefer olive oil for cooking spray)
  • All-purpose flour (1 or 2 cups) (you can take corn flour too)
  • Seafood Seasoning (one or two pinches, I prefer Old Bay Seasoning
  • Extra herb & spices (as per your choice)

Direction on how to cook frog legs in an air fryer

I am writing here all the process steps personally I follow. Here I would like to mention that all these steps are customized according to my convenience and easiness. You can directly follow me here, or you can make this recipe more customized according to your choice as well!

However, let’s see the process steps to fry frog legs using an air fryer-

Step one: Pour milk over the frog legs

It’s a pretty simple step-just take the frozen frog legs into a mixing bowl. Pour the liquid milk over the legs. After pouring the milk, cover the bowl using kitchen wrap. and let the milk swall the legs in the refrigerator for a minimum of half an hour to a maximum of one hour. You can fry the frog legs without swelling into liquid milk too, but you will feel you are eating muddy frog legs in that case! I tried the frog legs without swelling by milk, and I had a bitter experience.

Step two: Prepare the flour batter

I addressed it as a batter. However mix the flour, cornmeal, and seafood seasoning in a large zipper bag (you can take a gallon-sized resealable plastic bag). Shake well to mix all those items. Keep it aside for further use.

Step three: Prepare the Air Fryer

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to preheat your air fryer. The Standard preheat temperature is 400 degrees F for the max air fryer.

Step four: Coat the frog legs

Now take the frog legs bowl from the refrigerator. Take one by one, drain the excess milk and keep the legs in the zipper bag filled with flour batter. After keeping all the legs, seal the bag and shake it well. Again take out the coated legs, and dips them into the milk. And then again place them inside the zipper bag and shake well. If you repeat this process twice or thrice-all the frog legs will be coated well by the Seasoned Cornmeal Mixture. Once you got your desired coating all over the frog legs-let those set and be prepared to go in the air fryer basket.

Step five: Spray the cooking spray

Take the air fryer basket and spray cooking spray over there. Once the spraying is done, line up the frog legs one by one. Do not overlap the legs, it will not give you evenly cooked frog legs. If you cannot line up all the frog legs once at a time, make batches with the remaining frog legs. Do not forget to spray cooking oil over the frog legs too.

Step six: Start frying

It’s the final stage to get air-fried frog legs. So, you have preheated the fryer, and you have prepared the frog legs. Now all you need is-turning on the fryer at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Cook the frog legs approximately for 5 to 8 minutes. If you want more crispy frog legs, fry them for another 3/4 minutes. in the halfway of your frying process, shake the frying basket so that the frog legs fry well on both sides. If you have remaining batches, cook those too.

Step seven: Serve the air fryer frog legs

Do you have bbq sauce in your kitchen cabinet? If so-take two tablespoons of bbq sauce in a bowl, add a half tablespoon of garlic powder, and add a quarter cup of lime juice. Also, add one pinch of salt with one tablespoon of sugar. I add parsley leaf for better flavor. Blend all the items well, this sauce will just taste superb with the air fryer frog legs.


Why do you soak frog legs in milk?

So that the frozen frog legs swelled enough! Besides this, it drains out all impurities (if any) from the legs and makes them juicy after frying.

How do you know when frog legs are done?

You can calculate the time, air frying process needs 5 to 8 minutes. However, you can set the time on the fryer, so that when the time is up, the air fryer automatically shut down. However, if the air fryer frog legs become golden on each side-that means these are done.

How do you prepare frog legs to eat?

Already in detail discussed in our today’s session. However, dip the legs into liquid milk for an hour. Prepare the cornmeal mixture, and coat the milk-swelled frog legs with this cornmeal mixture. Prepare the fry basket with cooking spray. Then start frying as many frog legs as you want to eat through your air fryer for 5 t 8 minutes. Turn off the fryer, and serve the hot, spicy, crispy cook frog legs with your preferable sauce.


Before writing the final line, count me in. Just bear one thing in your mind, cooking anything is just an art that explores your creative mind in different ways. Though the basic things are the same, you can prepare your own recipes in many ways you want. So that’s all how to cook frog legs in air fryer. By following this healthy recipe you can fry pair of frog legs even batches too. Still, your tummy is troubling you? Upps why you are waiting here? just go and start frying the frog legs by an air fryer. Do not forget to share how you made the air fryer frog legs after following me here!

Good luck!

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