How to Make Hot Chocolate Without Cocoa Powder

Nothing bet the moment when your kids return from playing and wants to eat a glass of hot chocolate! Hence it is a traditional, and a little bit quick process! Just all you need to add the chocolate into the hot milk! Okay, hot chocolate sounds yummy, but what if you are stocked out of cocoa powder? How to make hot chocolate without cocoa powder? You can use chocolate chips, or direct solid chocolate to make the hot chocolate. To get the full recipe, please follow the below-

How to make hot chocolate without cocoa powder?

Do not bother yourself, if you are running out of cocoa powder. Believe me, there are several alternatives to making hot chocolate. You can use your DIY method with the roasted cocoa bean to make the hot mix, or there are lots of chocolate chips/solid chocolates available in your nearby grocery or inside your kitchen cabinet.

The process is so easy, just takes 2 or 3 minutes to prepare. Simply take one mug of hot milk. Add 3 spoons of chocolate chips to the hot milk. Now stir the milk well. Cover the hot milk mug for 1 minute. Then stir it well or whisk it. So that’s it! You can add the chocolate chips when the milk is heating on the gas stove as well.

If you want to microwave it, take 1 cup of whole milk into a heat-protected mug. Then pour the chocolate chips into the milk. Heat it at HIGH heat for 1 minute. If you want to add sweetener, cream, or flavor—add all items now. And then stir the hot mix and heat again for another 30 seconds. Now it is done, just garnish it and serve it to you! 

However, without cocoa powder, you can use chocolate chips or direct solid chocolate to mix the hot chocolate. If you want to make hot chocolate with direct chocolate, then you have to first cut the chocolate into smaller pieces. After that add the chopped chocolate to the hot milk. Additionally, to blast the winter Christmas, add some sugar to the hot chocolate mixer.

Many people do not like the whole milk in their hot chocolate. What they do is, add half a cup of water with a half cup of milk to prepare the hot chocolate. In case of water inclusion, add half a cup of whisked cream to make the hot mix creamy in nature. Also add sugar, a pinch of sea salt with few drops of food-graded flavoring agent.

First mix the milk and the water at the same ratio. Now heat it for additional few seconds, and add the chocolate chips. Stir the mixer manually. Once the chocolate chips melted down properly, add sugar, and vanilla extracts (if you wish, can add food color to make a color variation) and again heat it for 30 seconds.

So, I often face the question, “could I make hot chocolate without using milk? The answer is a little bit tricky, you can, again you cannot! If you want to avoid the milk, you have to add whisked cream instead of the milk. Otherwise, the chocolate mix will taste abnormal, and incomplete.

Hot Chocolate Addition

This is an additional point. You can directly make the chocolate hot dessert only with milk and chocolate chips. If you have enough free time, and if you want to make the hot desert delicious, you can add some extra ingredients. Following this will help you to make the extra flavor and tasty hot chocolate.


Cinnamon powder brings an additional flavor to the hot chocolate. Just add a pinch of cinnamon powder after you have added the chocolate to the hot milk. Be sure, your child like this flavor. Otherwise, you can try some other flavors as well.

Vanilla Extract:

Bring a quality vanilla extract. This extract is supposed to be pure and with the original texture. As you are making hot chocolate only with two or three ingredients, therefore it is mandatory to bring all those items from authentic brands and sources. If you do not love vanilla or strawberry flavor, just go with a few drops of peppermint extracts! Peppermint is superb to make the minty hot chocolate dessert.

Use white chocolate chips:

You also can mix the white chocolate chips with the flavored chocolate chips to bring a different taste. You also can use any additional chips (your preference) to make the dessert yummier.

Sea Salt:

A pinch of salt will satisfy your tongue fully. If you don’t like the salt in the desert, just avoid it. Otherwise go with the kosher salt, just a pinch of it, and enjoy the sweet and salty hot chocolate.


In a Nutshell

That is all about how to make hot chocolate without cocoa powder. If you have read the article, now you know you can make a hot chocolate dessert without cocoa powder. Lots of options are there to blast your day with your Childs. So, pick any of the alternatives of cocoa powder, and simply bet the original recipe!

Thank you.

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