How to Make Hot Chocolate With Chocolate Chips

Hot chocolate is a wonderful evening snack version to give you the holiday vibe on a chilly day. This is easy to make, only a few ingredients need. Besides this, the whole process is suitable and customizable, you can mix any of your preferred items additionally. However, though it’s a simple process, let’s describe the whole process elaborately-

How to make hot chocolate with chocolate chips?

Decide first what ingredients you are going to add to the hot chocolate. Suppose you can add crushed nuts, dried fruits, a variety of extracts (like vanilla, strawberry, peppermint) sugar, cream, salt, and powdered spice like ginger, cinnamon, clove, etc. Again, you can only take the chocolate chips with hot milk to make it. So how you will make the hot chocolate depends on the time and ingredients you have to invest there.

Ingredients you will need to make the hot chocolate

Milk: Take one cup of whole milk. You can take any kind of milk to make the hot stuff. It is better to make hot chocolate with whole milk. If you want to add water, it is better to add cream or butter to bring the chocolate tastefully.

Chocolate chips: If you are making it only for you, 3 cups of chocolate chips in 1 cup of milk is enough. The addition of water will need to add the chips double in amount. And to make it for a few people, automatically will increase the number of chips and other ingredients.

Additional spices: It is optional, but make the hot chocolate enriched and delicious. You can add spices like cinnamon/cloves/chili. Extract like vanilla, strawberry, and peppermint also makes hot chocolate with incredible flavor. Add only less than a half teaspoon to get the flavor and taste.

Sweetener: It is optional, if you want to bypass it can do it. However, you can add direct white sugar, brown sugar, coconut sugar, maple syrup, glucose syrup, or honey to get the sweet taste onto the hot chocolate’s preparation. Add only one teaspoon in 1 cup preparation.

Sea salt: A pinch of sea salt can make the sweet hot chocolate different in taste. Just add a pinch, otherwise, the whole stuff will ruin at a glance!

Water: The ratio would be half: half. That is if you add half a cup of milk, add half a cup of water. The addition of water demands some additional ingredients. Add butter, cream, or whipped milk to bring the creamy consistency into the hot chocolate.

How to make it?

If you make it into the microwave then first take the milk, and add the chips to the milk. All the spices and optional extracts also add to the milk. Maintain the aforementioned measurement.

Heat the milk plus chips in your microwave for 2 minutes. After then whisk the milk well until the chocolate chips melt down fully. Once the chocolate merged well into the milk serve it in your favorite cup or mug.

Now garnish it with crushed nuts, and dried fruit. Fresh berries also could be a great item to garnish the hot chocolate. If you added to water milk, add half a cup of butter or whisked cream with the milk. Otherwise, you will not get the creaminess of your hot chocolate.

If you want to make this hot chocolate on the gas stove. Follow this process-heat the milk onto the stovetop. When the milk has been heated fully, let it keep aside from the stove. Carefully add the chocolate chips to the boiled milk. Cover the stovetop and wait for 1 minute. After 1 minute, whisk the milk to melt the chocolate chips. Now serve it in a mug with your preference garnishing. Do the same as we said above if you added half a cup of water with the milk.


In a Nutshell

Do not miss to make your winter cozy! Yes, if you know how to make hot chocolate with chocolate chips -it’s just a few whiles far to blast the winter. Serve the hot chocolate and enjoy the winter evening with your kids and other family members.

That’s all.

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