How to Make Hot Chocolate With Cocoa Powder Microwave

Spend only 5 minutes to make the winter night warm and enjoyable. Yes, we are here today for one of our best hot chocolate recipes for you. Just read us here and make this hot, delicious recipe for you and your family. Before starting the main recipe, let me tell you one thing. Every recipe you are intending to deal with-kinds of DIY project. That means you can follow the to-the-point instruction to prepare it. Or you can customize it on your own once you know the whole how-to! I always see the main recipe as the main standard. After then I include or exclude a few ingredients or process steps to make the final product a little bit of featuring my taste. However, let’s see the quickest and easiest recipe for how to make hot chocolate with cocoa powder microwave.

How to make hot chocolate with cocoa powder microwave

First, prepare all ingredients one by one. Though it needs not more than 3 or 4 ingredients to make this hot stuff, still you can add any of your preferred ingredients to make it more delicious. However, I am telling the recipe for a single serving. Take 2 teaspoons of ground cocoa. You can also take the roasted cocoa bean, but in that case, you have to use a grinder to grind those. And the best of using roasted cocoa beans is-they give an incredibly fresh aroma in the hot desert.

Take two teaspoons of brown sugar. Instead of brown sugar, you can use maple syrup, flavored glucose syrup, or any other sweetener. Also, take your preference flavoring agent, vanilla is my pick. Sometimes I also go with peppermint flavor, especially when I feel a little bit stuck with my whole day’s loading.

So, take one cup of milk. Do you want to add water to this milk? Then reduce the milk amount, making it half a cup. Half a cup of water is the proper amount to make a single-serve hot chocolate. Including water also will force you to add whist or direct cream, so that the hot chocolate does not become thinner and tasteless. 

Finally, take your preferred garnish item. As it is for a single serving, so do not increase the amount unnecessarily. Roasted nuts, fresh fruits, dried fruits, sliced solid chocolate, and sweet crackers could be good toppers on the hot chocolate mug.

Now prepare the microwave. Preparing means, if needed, cleaning it and turn on it. Preheating is not mandatory, but if you preheat this, it will reduce the final process time. Take a microwave-safe coffee mug. Pour 2 tablespoons of the hot milk into this mug, and add the cocoa powder. Now do a manual whisk to mix the cocoa powder into this milk. 

When the whole cocoa powder is mixed fine into this milk, add the remaining milk. Now add the sugar. Make the HIGH (100%) power into your microwave, and heat the cocoa mix for 1 minute. Now ware a heat protector hand glove, and stir the cocoa mix for a few seconds. Add a few drops of the vanilla extract and the whisked cream, Stir it again for a few seconds.

If you wish can add a pinch of cinnamon powder, a pinch of chili flakes also a pinch of sea salt to bring a variation. Again, heat this mixture for an additional half minute. The hidden secret is, you can add the cream when the chocolate is done. When heating is done, it is preferable. The process is easy, add the whisked cream, or just add the cream as it is onto the hot mix. Then whisk it well to make a foamy and creamy hot chocolate.

Now, this hot chocolate with cocoa powder is ready. You can eat it as it is or you can make it more delicious with a few garnishing. I always use roasted and crushed nuts, with chopped dried fruit. Also, sometimes I made it exceptional with fresh blackberries or fresh seasonal cherries. Seasonal Peach slice or baked apple pie also goes suitably with the hot chocolate. 

If you use water to make the hot chocolate follow this section-In that case you have to increase the cocoa powder from 1 teaspoon to 2/3 cup (the more you prefer). However, the cocoa mixes into a microwave-protected mug. Now do two things, gradually add hot (not boiled) water to this cocoa. And stir it along with it. Until you get a good mixer of the cocoa and the water, continue stirring. Now place the mug into the microwave and heat it at HIGH for another 1 minute and 30 seconds. 


In a Nutshell

Making hot chocolate in the microwave is not a big deal you cannot go with it. It’s pretty simple and almost afford less. So, that is all about how to make hot chocolate with a cocoa powder microwave. Do not miss the chance to enjoy the winter night with a cup of hot chocolate. As you do not have chocolate that does not means you cannot make the hot stuff! 
Thank you!

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